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Outline of St. Augustine History

Subject Index
1st Spanish Period 1565 - 1600
The Ephebic Oath
1st Spanish Period - The beginnings of the City of Stone
Juan Ponce de Leon  
Voyages of Discovery
The French
Founding of the City
Saint Augustine
Landing of Menendez
Pedro Menendez removes French
Pedro Menendez sends the Juan Pardo Expedition to Explore Florida
The Jesuits arrive
The First Recorded Medical Practitioner Arrives
The Threat of the English Begins
Sir Francis Drake
St. Augustine Hunts for the Colony of Roanoke
The Franciscans
The First Recorded Baptism
Nombre de Dios
Nuestra Senora de La Soledad
The Market Place Built
Destruction and Hardships

St. Augustine's 1st Spanish Period 1600 -1700
Destruction and Hardships
Slave Escape from St. Augustine
Founding of the Popham Colony
Founding of Jamestown
Shrine of Our Lady of La Leche
Map of Florida
Robert Searles
Founding of Carolina
Building of the Castillo
The Watchtower on Anastasia Island
Military Duty
More Destruction
Governor Constructs fort at the St. Marks and Wakulla Rivers
Company of Free Mulatto and Black Militia
Nicholas Grammont
Attacks on Carolina

1st Period Spanish Florida 1700-1763
Attack by Carolina
Gonzalez-Alvarez House
Fernandez-Llambias House
The Walled City
Bishop Visits
Francisco Menendez (part 1)
Nuestra Senora de la Leche
Founding of Georgia
Capture of Picolata by Georgians and 1740 Attack on St. Augustine
Francisco Menendez (part 2)
Oglethorpe's Return
St. Augustine in 1759
More houses
End of Spanish Rule

British Period 1763-1784
The British East Florida Seal
Map of the New Colonies (East and West Florida)
Arrival of the British
Proclamation of 1763
Departure of the Spanish
Arrival of Governor James Grant
Colony Governance
Rev. John Forbes
Ordnance Appointments
The Builders
William Stork
Military Totals
Settlers Wanted
The Postman
Bartram Visits
William Gerard de Brahm
The Minorcians
British Military
John Moultrie
Patrick Tonyn
Augustin Prevost
American Revolution
The Florida East Coast Rangers
Revolutionary War Prisoners
More Prisoners
The Tolomato Cemetery
East Florida Assembly
End of British Rule

2nd Spanish Period 1784-1821
John Cruden
Governor Vizente Manuel de Zespedes
An Opportunity of Freedom - Zespedes Proclamation of July 26, 1784
Thomas Bell - Pirates
Return of Slaves
Tovar House
Father Thomas Hassett
The Cathedral
Don Manuel Solana House
Juan Nepomucceno de Quesada and the Rebellion of 1795
Chapel in the Castillo
Runaway Slaves
Enrique White and General Jorge Biassou
Father Felix Varela
Geronimo Alvarez and the 1812 Constitution Monument
Father Miguel O'Reilly
City Gate
Patriot Rebellion
Constitucion Monument
Jose Coppinger
Green Flag Republic
Catholic Church
1819 Description of St. Augustine
A Posey Dance
More Houses
Onis-Adams Treaty

Territorial Period 1821-1831
City Council
Joseph Lee Smith Appointed Judge
Joseph Hernandez
Treaty with the Seminoles
Presbyterian Church
Bethel Methodist Episcopal (Trinity United Methodist)
Trinity Episcopal Church
Business in St. Augustine 1827
St. Augustine 1827 Tax Roll
Houses of St. Augustine
Ralph Waldo Emerson's Poem
Ralph Waldo Emerson Encounters Church and a Slave Sale
Newspaper Extracts
From Boarding Houses to Hotels
John James Audubon Tours Florida
Slaves and the Seminoles

Territorial Period 1832 -1845
Seminole Wars
Public Education
How to Get to St. Augustine 1835
David Levy Yulee
Charles Downing
Tax Records 1837
St. Augustine Patrols
Wanted to Purchase
How to Get to St. Augustine 1841
St. Augustine, April 2, 1841
Dade Monument
Education Struggles on
The Escape of Andrew Gue
Slave Sale
Rev. Whipple Records his St. Augustine Mardi Gras
Fort Marion Work

Statehood 1845-1861
A Great Country
Railroad Route
Notes on the Bar
Planters Hotel Sale
Public Education After Statehood
Troop Movements
Mexican War
A Hotel Tradition Begins - The Magnolia Hotel
Carnival 1847
Fire Engine
Mexican War Death
March 25, 1848 Shipwreck
Description of Sherivaree - 1848
September 25, 1848 Hurricane
2nd Regiment U. S. Artillery
The Florida House
How to get to St. Augustine 1848
Soldiers Passing Through March 6, 1849
Mardi Gras
Indian Troubles
Light House Gets Safety Equipment
City Patrols
A Day in the Life of St. Augustine July, 1850
Churches in St. Augustine
Prewar Slavery
Celebration of the Fourth of July at St. Augustine 1851
Death of Father Varella - Feb 1853
1851 Slave Escape
Unlawful Assembly July 13, 1854
City Council Records
Trinity Episcopal Receives a Special Temporary Rector
City Taxes in 1855 (Costs)
Tax Records 1855
School Built
Getting to St. Augustine 1856
Putnam Appointed Judge
Complaint of Joseph Manucy against William Lang for indecent Language
Complaint against William Pomer, Peter Pellicer, T. Ferrieora
Fugitive Slaves
Kidnapping (September 1858)
Shinney (Street hockey)
Coastal Survey
New Railroad
Private Schools
And Union Soldiers are Born
Cornelia Leslie
Miss Mather's School
The St. Augustine Examiner Sat Oct 27, 1860 The Impending Crisis
The St. Augustine Examiner Dec 1, 1860 - The Independent Blues
New Military Company
The St. Augustine Examiner 29 December 1860 Another Year has Passed

St. Augustine in the Civil War 1861-1865
St. Augustine Examiner, October 1860
City of St. Augustine vs Powell slave of P Lopez; Breaking jail
City of St. Augustine vs Powell, slave of P Lope; Found without a pass
Bishop Verot
Leaving the Union
The Ordinance of Succession
St. Augustine Examiner, 19 Jan 1861 - The Revolution Progresses
Capture of the Fort by the Confederates
City of St. Augustine vs Lewis slave of B Olivero; Fast riding through the Streets
City of St. Augustine vs Lawrence slave of Venancio Sanchez; Disturbing the Peace of the City
City of St. Augustine vs Eleek (slave of Wm Nannau?) Caught by patrol after bell ringing
Jefferson Davis Inaugural Address February 22, 1861
Lincoln's First Inaugural Address - March 4, 1861
Maj. E. Kirby Smith, Saint Augustine, Fla
Commander of the Dept of the South
Naval Blockade
War (
St. Augustine Examiner), 20 April, 1861
U. S. Military Department
St. Johns Rail Road (
St. Augustine Examiner) 4 May 1861
St. Augustine Units Mustered
Ladies Aid Society (
St. Augustine Examiner) June 8, 1862
City of St. Augustine vs Lawrence slave of Venancio Sanchez; Disturbing peace of the City
City of St. Augustine (
St. Augustine Examiner) Saturday June 29, 1862 2 Quarter 1862
Post Office Notice (St. Augustine Examiner)
Sinking of the Jeff Davis
The Lighthouse - Arnau's Coast Guard
Port Royal Expedition
The City of St. Augustine vs March a slave of G. R. Fairbanks
Buckingham Smith Seeks Help
TThe City of St. Augustine vs Lao, a slave of Antonio Alvarez
Attack and Surrender of St. Augustine
Official Report
Add the US Marines to the 4th New Hampshire Regt
St. Augustine Puts City Marshal on Salary
Report of General H. G. Wright
Abraham Lincoln's Appreciation
U. S. Military Department
Confederate Order to Evacuate the Troops from St. Augustine Hdqrs. Prov. Forces, Dept East
and                         Middle Fl., Tallahassee, March 19 1862
Weekly Columbus (GA) Enquirer, April 1 1862

St. Augustine in the Civil War p2
First Things
Provost Duties (See Office of Provost Marshal)
Local Reply
Bell Promoted (March 18, 1862
The Women Were the Most Difficult
Col Bell's Order
No Reinforcements Citizens Defend Yourselves
Warning Letter
Capture of the
(Empire City) British Empire
Supplies Arriving
The St. Augustine Examiner Returns (April 9, 1862)
The World Changes St. Augustine is Placed Under Martial Law
Report to Brig. Gen. H. W. Benham
What was Martial Law in the Civil War
St. Johns River
Yankee Outrages and Thefts on the St. Johns River
Regimental Band (Leander Harris) University of New Hampshire, May 11, 1862
Deportation Order
Troop Life
Lots of Hazards (Sergeant Abner L. Knowlton) June 13, 1862
The Case of William Keyes
People Removed June 25, 1862
Bishop Verot Leaves Savannah to move 7 Sisters of Mercy to Columbus, Georgia
Taking Oath
Fourth of July, 1862
Philip Fraser appointed to U. S. District Court, Northern District of Florida
Staudenmayer Removed
Rumors of Attacks
Col Bell and General Hunter have a conflict
An Opinion of a 4th Regiment Soldier sent to
The Farmers' Cabinet (a New England
An Opinion of Col Bell
Lieut Col. Gilman Sleeper
The Picket Lines
Union Deserters (Leander Harris) September 6, 1862
4th Regiment Leaves St. Augustine

St. Augustine and the Civil War page 3
The 7th New Hampshire Takes Over (Regimental History)
Benjamin Carr (from Little's
Regimental History)
Joe Manucy and Antonio Bravo (from Little's
Regimental History)
False Alarm (
Regimental History)
Expel or not to Expel
Picket Duty Could be Hazardous (
New Hampshire Sentinel) September 25, 1862
Another False Alarm (
Regimental History - October 5)
Troops view of the town (Calvin Shedd Papers)
Meeting at the Presbyterian Church
Yankee Atrocities in Florida (
Charleston Mercury)
2nd Lieut Calvin Shields talks about St. Augustine (October 12, 1862)
Captain Dickison's Account of October 1862
An Accidental Death (November 27, 1862) - Calvin Shedd Letters
Schools for the Freedmen
Deserters (Calvin Shedd December 5, 1862)
Judge Putnam Returns (Calvin Shedd Dec 7, 1862)
Deserters (
Regimental History)
Federal Court Marshals make Deserters (Calvin Shedd December 14, 1862)
Col Putnam's Cavalry (White's
Regimental History)
Capture of Lieutenant Cate, Private Oscar F. French and Suttler Samuel Riddell
More Recruits for the Colored Regiment
Married - In the Cathedral at St. Augustine (
The New South, January 17, 1863)
Col. Buffington and family returned (
New York Herald) Feb 27, 1863
More Banishments (
Natchez Daily Courier), February 28, 1863
Attack on the Advanced Picket guard
More on Skirmish
More Union Deserters (Calvin Shedd) March 26, 1863
More on Mrs. Smith
From Mrs. J. Smith

St. Augustine in the Civil War page 4
The Government takes slow steps.
General David Hunter and the Creation of the Regiment
General Hunter Creates the First Black Regiment
James D. Fesseden and the 1st South Carolina Regiment
The First Black Soldiers
Another view of the enforced enlistment
In the Early Days fighting (
The New York Herald) June 27, 1862
The Second Confiscation Act - An Act to suppress Insurrection, to punish Treason and
Rebellion, to seize and confiscate the Property of Rebels, and for other Purposes.
Hunters Letter to Stanton
Order to Create Black Regiments
Emancipation Proclamation
Doboy river Georgia, Beaufort, SC, November 25, 1862
General Saxton's Proclamation
Camp Saxton---Proclamation and Barbecue 1863
33rd USCT
Regiments Raised
Expedition to Florida (
Letters from Beaufort During the Civil War)
More Drafting (
Letters from Beaufort During the Civil War)
Abraham Lincoln Commends General Hunter on Jacksonville and USCT Troops
More Drafting (
Letters from Port Royal during the Civil War)
Order Establishing the USCT Bureau
Protection for African-American Soldiers
Reorganizing the Regiments
Consolidation and Name Change

St. Augustine in the Civil War page 5
A Provost Marshall Report on Dr. Hiems and Stephen Bacon
7th Conn Volunteers
From Mrs. J. Smith
Savannah (
GA Republican, June 12, 1863)
Provost Marshall Administers Oath of Allegiance
Celebration of the Battle of Bunker Hill (
Regimental History)
Population of St. Augustine
4th of July in St. Augustine
The Case of the Montones
10 Conn to Morris Island
48th New York Volunteers
Living in St. Augustine (
Perry's Saints)
Rebels About How the Freedmen Live (
Commercial Advertiser) August 21, 1863
Order for St. Augustine Hospital Given (
New York Herald) August 19, 1863
Dr. Seth Rogers and the Purpose of the New Hospital (Dr. Seth Rogers,
Condition of the Townspeople (
Brooklyn City News, Undated)
Twenty-fourth Massachusetts Replace the 46th New York
Lincoln's Plan for Reconstruction
Camp of the 10th Connecticut Volunteers
Attack on the Wood Cutters
First Anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation
Joseph Remington appointed U. S. Marshal
Headquarters, Department of the South, Hilton Head, S. C., Jan. 31, 1864
Who were these freed slaves?
Fundraising for a Chapel Tent for the Tenth (
Hartford Daily Courant) Feb 2, 1864
Troops move to Picolata
Arrival of Rev. Reynolds
Withdraw from Picolata
New Commander for St. Augustine
ex-Senator Yulee (
Harford Daily Curant 2/24/1864)
A Military Hospital for St. Augustine
Religious Services
The Silent Comforter
Structure of the Government in 1864
Capture of the Navy Tug Columbine

St. Augustine in the Civil War page 6
Structure of the Government in 1864
First Baptist Church
17th Connecticut
Almost coming home to St. Augustine
Organizing Loyal Floridians (
Hartford Daily Courant, 7-12-1864)
New Commander for St. Augustine
Report on the Captured 10th Soldiers (
Hartford Daily Courant 11-29-1864)
Getting the Courts Back Into Operation
Judge Frasier Tries Again
Esther Hill Hawks Visits St. Augustine
Unlucky Regiment
Department of South Response
The New Commander
Col. B. C. Tilghman, Third U. S. Colored Troops, St. Augustine, Fla
Andersonville Thwarted Release
Ad for Tax Sales - Ran in Northern papers
Proclamation Closing the Port of St. Augustine - April 11, 1865
Armistice (April 23, 1865)
Lincoln's Death
Surrender of the Blues
Response to Lincoln's Death
Death of Mary Craft
End of the War
Confederates Surrender in Florida (May 17-20)
High Ranking Visitors to Florida (May 18 and 19)]
New Troops for St. Augustine (May 310
Post War and the Churches (September 1865)
Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address

St. Augustine in the Civil War page 7
St. Augustine's Confederate Soldiers
General William Wing Loring
General Edmond Kirby Smith
General Stephen Vincent Benet
General Edmund J. Davis
General William Hardee (Old Reliable)
Civil War Generals who moved to St. Augustine after the Civil War
General John McAllister Schofield
General Martin Davis Hardin
African-American Education
The Ex-Slaves

Reconstruction in St. Augustine 1865-1877
Military order, Dec. 1, 1865
Pastor Father Aubril
7th Regiment
Presidential Pardons
Mayors of the Reconstruction Period
Freedmen Bureau Schools Continue
Getting to St. Augustine
Lighthouse Relit
Court in St. Augustine
End of an Era
St. Augustine Becomes Part of the World
St. Mary's Academy
Cobb House
Military Rule
Sisters of St. Joseph
1st Methodist Episcopal Church (South) Hastings formed
Beginning of St. Johns County Public Schools
Society of Benedict the Moor and the St. Augustine Benevolent Society for Catholics
First African-American Voter Election
St. Augustine in 1869
Hotel St. Augustine and the Beginning of the Hotel Industry
Lincolnville and New St. Augustine
Bishop Augustin Verot
Buckingham Smith
Destruction of the lunette
William Van Dyke
Confederate Civil War Monument
Beginnings of the Oldest Drug Store
H. W. Chatfield Post and John A. Logan GAR
St. Paul AME
How to Get to St. Augustine in 1873
Saint Ambrose Catholic Church
Trinity Episcopal Gets a New Rector
First Baptist Church
Bethel Methodist Episcopal
Sisters of St. Joseph Hold a Picnic
Mount Pleasant African Methodist Episcopal Church
Plains Indians stay at Fort Marion
Indian Dick
Hotels of St. Augustine
Death of Dr. Oliver Bronson
Bronson Cottage
St. Mary's Missionary Baptist Church
Constance Fenimore Woolson
Mather Perit Memorial Presbyterian Church
St. Johns Carries Out a Clean final Reconstruction Election

Post Reconstruction in St. Augustine 1877-1885
Catholic Schools paid by Public Schools
Growth of the St. Johns County School System
Edison's Family Comes to St. Augustine
General Sherman Tours
1st Methodist Episcopal Church (South) - Moultrie
John Papino
Presidential Visits
The 1880's
Mt. Olive Baptist Church
Olivet Methodist Episcopal Church (Grace United Methodist)
Thomas Edison comes to St. Augustine
Founding of the St. Augustine Historical Society
Carnival 1883
Need a Place to Stay 1883
Restoration of the Castillo
Fire Department
The Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
North City Baptist Church Organized
Some Businesses in St. Augustine and the People who operated them
Apache Indians Come to Fort Marion
A Church Building on Wheels

Flagler Construction Era 1885-1890
St. Augustine in 1885
Isaac Cruft Brings a Quality Hotel Experience to St Augustine the San Marco Hotel
Villa Zorayda and Franklin Smith
Florida School for the Deaf and Blind
William G. Warden
Ponce de Leon, Alcazar, Sunnyside Hotel
The Ponce de Leon Hotel
The 1887 Fire
Pell Horse Fountain
The Alcazar
The Casa Monica
Opening and Dedication of Grace Episcopal Methodist Church
McGuire and McDonald, Dr. Anderson, and Osborne Seavey
Seavey House (The Union General's House)
Hotel Life
Dying in St. Augustine
Technical Innovations
St. Augustine Fire Department
Cordova Hotel
Ashlar Lodge Begins 1888
Return of Carrie Semple
Dr. F. F. Smith and Dr. Anderson
Florida East Coast Railway
Havana & St. Augustine Cigar
Joe Perry
exPresident Grover Cleveland Returns to the Ponce de Leon
Frederick Douglass
Memorial Presbyterian Built
The Alicia Hospital

Flagler Era 1890 to 1900
Saint James Baptist Church
East Coast Hospital
Dr. Alexander Graham Bell Visits
St. Benedict the Moor
St. Cyprian Protestant Episcopal Mission
Thomas Hastings, Henry Flagler and the founding of the Town of Hastings
Old Jail
Flagler Buys an Orange Grove in San Mateo
The St. Augustine Women's Exchange Founded
Ancient City Baptist
Tatler Magazine
Steamer Transportation to St. Augustine
Diego Union Church Formed (became Diego Baptist Church)
Villa Flora
Casa Amarylla
Sons of Israel
School System
Ida Alice Shourds
School at the turn of the century
St. James Baptist Church
The Spanish American War and the Philippine Insurrection
The Last Pirate

The Progressive Era to WWII 1900 - 1913
1900 St. Augustine Evening Record
E Reynold's 1900 School Report
St. Joseph's Academy
Palm Valley Baptist Church
Ponce de Leon Hotel Gets and Important Visitor ---  Admiral George Dewey and Wife
Casino Bowling Alley
Cake Walks
1901-1902 State School Report
Soldiers in the Philippines
Shooting of Councilman John Pappino
The Rebuilding of Trinity Episcopal
Cordova becomes the Alcazar Annex
Rural Schools On again/off again
St. Johns Methodist Episcopal Church
Marble Head Stones for National Cemetery Arrive
Theodore Roosevelt Visits the Ponce de Leon
St. Agnes' Mission Chapel Organized
St. Johns Light and Power Company Lays Street Car Tracks
The Film Industry Comes to St. Augustine
Flagler Mausoleum Built
Church of God Organized
Y.M.C.A. Built
Dr. Brown's Hospital
Our Lady of Good Counsel
Development and Progress on the East Coast
Dawson Chapel Methodist Episcopal Church Organized
Mt. Zion African Methodist Episcopal Organized
Three Negro Funerals
Orpheum Tonight
Carcaba's Cigar Factory
First Baptist Church of Hastings Organized
Plaza Theatre Will Show Several Fine Films Tonight Gold Watch to be Given Away
Orange Street School
1st Methodist Episcopal (South) - St. Augustine (Corner of Riberia and King)
1910 St. Augustine Record Newspaper
Frank Genovar and the Cuban Connection
The Town of Hastings 1910
First Baptist Church of Armstrong Organized
Friendship Baptist Church Organized
Grand opening of the Ponce de Leon Hotel in 1910
Taking Moving Pictures
Interesting Pictures. St. Augustine is Scene of a Moving Picture Elopement
Casino's Washington Day Dance
Airplane Flights
Health Department
Canfield lays out the Town of Armstrong
D. D. Corbette Becomes School Superintendent

The New Freedom and World War I
Woodrow Wilson and the New Freedom
Death of Henry Flagler
Dixie Highway
Death of Joseph Parrott
Payments to Catholic Schools Ended
Poll Tax
1914 Fire
Hastings and Locals will meet at Lewis Park Thursday
A Florida Enchantment
Bridge to be a Fine Structure
1915 4-H Program Begins in St. Johns County
Elkton Methodist Episcoal South formed
Old Jail (County)
Daily Band Concerts to Begin January Fifteenth
Lubin Movie Company Here for Three Months
Flagler Hospital Silver Jubilee celebrated March 2, 1915
Nombre de Dios Chapel
Spanish TrailUnveiling to be Seen in Movies
Electing City Commissioner
Church of Christ, Science Formed
Sister Mary Thomasine
To Organize Poultry Club
Movie Company to Locate Here
Alicia Hospital
Schools Cut Back
First Airport
New Adjutant General is Here
Nora Talmadge Films in St. Augustine
Barbers Arrested for Keeping Open
Johnny Ray to Establish Movie Industry Here
Gov. Catts Issues Appeal for Reorganization First Regiment
Many New Members Added to the Red Cross Auxilliary
Recruiting Officer Recruits for the Naval Reserve
Girls' National guard of Honor
Support of Elks Pledged to President
World War I
Potato Farming
City Garden Committee Met and Organized
Red Cross Entertainment at the Jefferson
County Roads
Supply company Will Entrain Here Tomorrow
Women of the City Are Registering Today
Statue of General Kirby Smith Completed by Sculptor Pillars
Navy League Has Big Display of Garments
County Farm News
Told of Army Life
Stuart Pellicer Victim of Pneumonia at Camp Wheeler
Thanksgiving Day at Camp Wheeler
Underwent Exam
Observed Lightless Thursdays
Another St. Augustine Boy Making Good
Heatless Mondays Start Next Week for Ten Week Period
Fuel Restrictions Affect St. Augustine
Negroes Called for War Duty
Taking Pictures in St. Augustine Natural Colors
Florida Memorial College
Hurst Chapel African Methodist Episcopal
St. Johns County Boys to Leave in the Morning
Saint Johns Baptist Church
Odds and Ends
"Flu" Epidemic Under Congrol
Training to be Given Women for Railroad Work
No Services at Churches Sunday
Dr. D. W. Roberts
November 11, 1918
St. Augustine Historical Society Purchases the Gonzalez Alvarez House
Union Service of Thanksgiving
School Children have done well in the United War Drive
Dance Wed. Night in Honor of All Ex-Service Men
1919 Sees Largest Enrollment in Public Schools due to  new state law

The Roaring 1920s
Rudolph Valentino Comes to St. Augustine
Grave of William Wing Loring
Faculty List of Public School is Complete
World War I Memorial Plaque
Thanksgiving Day in St. Augustine
The Shrimping Fleet and Docks
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints Organized
Flagstaff (World War I Monument)
Hastings Potato Growers Association Founded
Webb Building and Dr. Dewitt Webb
Monument to Juan Ponce de Leon
Church of God by Faith
Fort Marion and Fort Matanzas Become National Monuments
Hastings High School Construction Starts May 1924
Dr. Wilma Davis
Calvary Baptist Church
St. Johns Welfare Federation
Memorial Evangelical Luthern Church
Return of Pedro Menendez
McDowell Chapel
Church of God in Christ
Acheson Chapel
Church of Christ
Steven Vincent Benet
Excelsior School
Evelyn Hamblin Center
Deaths - Mrs. Sarah Capo
Mount Moriah Baptist Church
Bridge of Lions
Antioch Baptist Church
First National Bank Building
Woman's Club Will Present "The Flapper Grandmother" Miss Hines Director
St. Johns will send quota to State courses (April 29, 1929)
Fruit Fly Found at Three County Sources (June 7, 1929)
Medfly Fight Taking Form in this District (June 14, 1929)
4H Club
Closing of First National Causes Run
Pentecostal Holiness Church
Zero Milestone
Hotel Hastings

The Great Depression to World War II
Black Tuesday and the Collapse of the Stock Market
The Old Spanish Treasury - Pena-Peck House Deeded to City
The Great Depression
Mt. Carmel Primitive Baptist Church
Walter B. Fraser elected mayor of St. Augustine
Church of Christ (African American)
St. Augustine Primitive Baptist Church
Government House
Civic Center Built
The Allighator Farm
Pentecostal Assemblies of the World
Water Plant Finished
WPA Writes - Seeing St. Augustine
Pleasant Row Baptist Church
North City
Officials in 1937
National Committee for the Preservation and Restoration of Historic St. Augustine
St. Augustine Record Celebrates Preservation and Restoration
WPA Starts Church Survey
Return of Castillo de San Marcos
Nathan Collier
St. Augustine Airport
Ketterlinus High School Class of 1939
Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
WPA and Veteran's Grave Registration

World War II and Post War 1941-1960
A Day that Will Live in Infamy
German Sub lands Saboteurs in Ponte Vedra Beach
Zora Neale Hurston
April, 1941 the USO NCCS Club Opens
St. Augustine Post No. 315 formed
Other Veteran Organizations
St. Johns County in the Service
The Arsenal on Marine
Army Signal School
The Extension Service Goes to War
African American Steward Program
Army Military Police and Coast Guard SP
Majorie Kinnan Rawlings
German Sub lands Saboutuers in Ponte Vedra Beach
Coast guard Takes over Ponce de Leon Hotel
Sick Bay
Officers School
The Chaplains
Weekly Dress Reviews
St. Augustine also had a command for Army Outpost Troops
Death of Miss Evelyn Hamblin
World War II Guard Casualties
World War II Guard Casualties
Munipal Airport becomes Navy Flight School
The Civic Center
St. Johns County Red Cross
Captain of the Port
The St. Johns County Defense Council and the Women's Ambulance Corps
St. Augustine's Own in the Coast Guard Local Service
SPARS (Semper Paratus, Always Ready)
Where were the WAACs?
Marineland Does Its Part
1944 Hurricane
Carneigie Institution of Washington turns the Llambias House over to the St. Augustine Historical
Florida Memorial

Post World War II
Red Cross Will Open Work Rooms Tomorrow at 2:30
World War II Marker placed near Public Market 1946
1946 City Commission
Lightner Museum
Florida Memorial Accreditation
Death of Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings
Gary Cooper
More Florida Memorial
Trinity Episcopal Expands
St. Augustine Extends Its Military Tradition
St. Augustine Historical Planning Commission
Creation of Richard J. Murray High School
400th Anniversary Celebration gets started
Resolution of Respect
Palm Valley Gets Its School
Revival of Preservation
First Director of the Historic Augustine Preservation Appointed
A New Age of Rehab begins in the Oldest City

St. Augustine Civil Rights 1960-1965
Civil Rights Era
First Sit-in
Henry Thomas
Suit to Desegregate St. Johns County Public School
Dr. Robert B. Hayling
Vice-President Johnson
Actual School Desegregation
Shelley Elected Mayor
Beginning of the Civil Rights Bill
Mrs. Fannie Fullerwood
Summer Demonstrations, 1963
Florida Advisory Committee to the US Commission on  Civil Rights
More Demonstrations
School Integration
Cattle Prods and Dogs
KKK Rally
Connie Hunter's Letter to John F. Kennedy
Molotov Cocktails
Death of William David Kincaid
More Violence against Blacks
Spring Vacation 1963 and Mrs. Mary Peabody
Staff Report of United States Civil Rights Commission
School Integration Continues with a twist
The Mayor Issues a Warning
Street Demonstrations - Hoss Manucy, Connie Lynch, J. B. Stoner and L. O. Davis
Dr. King and Rev. Abernathy Arrested
St. Augustine Beach Wade-Ins
Monson Swimming Pool
U. S. Congress Passes the 1964 Civil Rights Act
President Lyndon Johnson's Televised Address
Creating the Myth

St. Augustine Rebounds 1965-1990
The Spanish Quarter
Airport Authority
St. Augustine Amphitheater
Pan American Symposium on Restoration and Preservation of Historic Monuments
Pan American Center Dedicated
Casa del Hidago Dedicated
Historic Preservation Board reviews house documentation
National Historic Preservation Act
Great Cross
End of the Ponce de Leon
St. Augustine Preservation Board
The World Was Changing for the Railroad
Beginning of Flagler College
St. Johns Welfare Federation and Nursing Care
St. Augustine Town Plan Historic District, Cathedral, Gonzalez-Alvarez House and Llambias
Flagler Receives a New President
St. Photos Shrine (Avero House)
National Register of Historic Places
Sanchez Powder House Site
Spanish Coquina Quarries
ECHO House
Ximenez-Fatio House
Flagler College Accredited
Historic Architectural Review Board
Athalia Lindsley's Murder
O'Reilly House
Statue of Father Camps
Ponce de Leon Hall listed in National Register of Historic Place
Grace United Methodist Church
St. Augustine Comprehensive Plan
Historic Sites and Buildings Survey
St. Augustine Lighthouse
After 56 years, Bob Lovett leaves his Hastings grocery
Allen B Nease High School
W. D. Hartley Elementary School
Bridge of Lions
Trinity Episcopal Continues Growth
The Burning of Ketterlinus Junior High School
Model Land Company and Abbott Tract
Certified Local Government
The Burning of Hastings
Dr. Martin Luther King Avenue
Historic Preservation Element
Century Pioneer Families
Old St. Johns County Jail
Mayor and City Commission 1989
St. Augustine Alligator Farm
The Solla Carcaba Cigar Factory
Xavier Lopez House
Villa Zorayda
Fort Mose
Samantha Wilson Nursing Home
Historic St. Augustine Preservation Board Abolished
Horace Walker House (Castillo Sebastian)
Sanchez Homestead
Dixie Highway and St. Augustine Civic Center Placed on the National Register
Old St. Augustine Record Building
Hastings High School
Hastings Community Center
Restoring the Florida Memorial Arch
Stanbury Cottage (Gingerbread House)
Diocesan Library Archives
North City Historic District
Fullerwood Historic District Created
Nelmar Terrace Historic District Created
More than just History

St. Augustine and St. Johns County is
a naturalist paradise.  There are many
animals, plants, insects, etc. To
discover here.  For a list of the
(Species and Natural
Community Summary for St. Johns

Look for:
Basin Swamp   
Beach Dune   
Coastal Grassland   
Coastal Interdunal Swale   
Coastal Strand   
Depression Marsh   
Dome Swamp   
Estuarine Tidal Marsh   
Floodplain Swamp   
Hydric Hammock  
Maritime Hammock  
Mesic Flatwoods
Scrubby Flatwoods  
Xeric Hammock
The Hibiscus is the city of St. Augustine's official
flower, and the Spanish Bayonet its official plant.
The Southern Red Cedar is the official tree.
Spanish Bayonet
Southern Red Cedar
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History of St. Augustine,
History of Slavery in
Prince Georges County,
  A History of Evangelical,
Reformed and
Churches in Louisiana
Old English
Old Spanish
Houses of St. Augustine
Hotels of St. Augustine
Photographers of St.
History of San Antonio
St. Augustine Defenses
St. Johns River
Florida East Coast
St. Johns County
  Concord, North Carolina
Medical Terms
19th Century Person
Database A-Z
Golden Book
Maps used in Dr.
David Levy Yulee
Early History of St.
Johns County Education
1892 School Census St.
Johns County FL
View from the Castillo
W. J. Harris
Circa 1912
Casa Monica by William Henry Jackson 1889-1897
The Ponce de Leon Hotel by William Henry Jackson
St. George St.
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory, http://floridamemory.com/items/show/147966
Photonegative of post card by
W.J. Harris Company, St. Augustine.
Sam Cooley
Library of Congress
Bridge of Lions
Francis Johnson
Francis Johnson
City Gate
William Henry Jackson
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Early Evergreen
Our Lady of Good
Barnes Family Cemetery
Death Records
21 USCT in St.
33 USCT in St. Augustine
34 USCT in St.
Other USCT in Florida
Recruiting Black
Understanding Civil War
U. S. C. T. Units
North Carolina
South Carolina
Civil War in Port Royal and the Department of the South and
U. S. Army Department
of the South
Port Royal Experiment
History of The
Freedmen's Bureau
History of Freedmen's
Bureau Education
History of the National
Freedmen's Association
History of the American
Missionary Association
Freedmen's Aid Societies
Assorted Pages of Interest
British Period
Second Spanish Period
New Smyrna
History of Cast Nets
Canova de Medicis
Gaspar Pappy House
Gonzalez-Alvarez House
Carrying the Mail
Minorcan Made Cast
Growing Datil Peppers
Benet Family
Menorcan Black Drum
Line Fisherman
Menorcan History and Culture