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St. Augustine, August 12, 1843

The negroes who absconded from this place on the 18th ult. with the pilot boat, attempted to cross the
gulf stream for the Bahamas, but the wind and current being against them, they were driven North, and,
after having suffered much for want of water., obliged to make a landing on the Beach, about ten miles
North of this, on Sunday evening last. They proceeded to Mr. John Sequis, filled a three gallon jug with
water, returned to their boat and put in sea again. Mr. Segui was unable to secure them, but immediately
sent information to town. A party has gone after them by land, to Mosquito, and another by water.

P. S. -- Two of the party that went by land returned yesterday morning. They report that the negroes
were seen between Mala Compra and Bulow's on Wednesday evengin---they had built a fire on the
Beach opposite Balow's probably for a signal. On seeing our informant, who was waiting for the
advance of a party from Gen. Hernandez's, they retreated  put out their fire, and, it is supposed, as the
surf was high, carried their boat over land from the from the Beach to Bulow's Creek about  and it is
supposed, as the surf was high carried their boat over land from the beach
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