Deposition Jno Numizler Father of Moses Numizler
Bounty Pension
Undated 1870

Freedmen's Bureau Record

State of Florida
Putnam County

Be it remembered that in this day personally appeared before me, a Judicial officer of the County and State aforesaid, duly appointed qualified, and by the Governor of Florida


who being duly sworn according to Law, deposeth and sayuth, that they are personally acquanted with Jno Numizer late private Co "A" 33 USCTroop and was so recognised in
his neighborhood. That the said Moses regarded, respected and so recognised his Father the said claimant, and that the said soldier, now deceased left neither wife nor child
surviving him. That the said claimant and his wife, parents of the deceased soldier Mose were slaves previous to the War, to the Master, and were owned by one Jno H. Madison
of said State of Florida, That they lived together in the same premises -- and in the same domicile, as man and wife, and were so regarded in the neighborhood in which they
resided up to the time of, on a about the year 1855 when John H. Madison, owner and aforesaid did bargain, sell and transfer thereby separating Lydia the wife of the said
claimant from him, said separation exists to this day and that the Said claimant has no child or children in his custody of the deceased soldier, the said Niosea. That they have
known the sais claimant for a period of fifteen years, in said Putnam County and do consider and signed his kinship to be valid and true.

They also declare that they have no interest in this application.

Sworn and subscribed before me this day of A. D. 1870 and I certify that the claimant and witnesses are credible and worthy.

? the foregoing declarations and affidavit were carefully read to them before signing and dec'd that I have no interest whatever in this application

J H Laper
Leave room here for County Judge
Certificate and seal

Also personally appeared before me John Murgar claimant as specified in the abover affidavent, who in b4eing duly sworn, says that after the death of John H Madison of Florida
his owner, which occured about A. D. 1857.

That his widow Sarah Madison about the year 1859 sead ? did sale me the said John Mingrim claimant of one George Felberbaum of St. Augustine and retained in her
possession ? the said Moses  ?????
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