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Petition of Milly Ogleton
Judicial District Court of the State of Maryland in
Prince George's County
September 10, 1840
To the honorable judges of the first Judicial District Court for the State of Maryland for Prince Georges County.

The humble petition of Milly Ogleton sheweth that your petitioner is detained in slavery by Osburn Boone; and as she is
entitled to her freedom having been descended from a free woman she prays that process may be awarded to compel
the appearance of the said Osburn Boone to answer her complaint.

E. M. Lowe for Petitioner

* * *


Prince George's County, to whit: The State of Maryland to the Sheriffs of Prince George's County greeting. We
command that you summon Osborn Boone. All excuses and delays set aside he appear before the next County court to
be held for the County aforesaid at Upper Marlboro Town in said county on the first Monday in April next, to answer the
petition of Milly Ogleton preferred against him for freedom; and in the mean time the said Osborn Boone shall not
transport the said Milly Ogleton from the State of Maryland but shall suffer and permit her to appear at the said County
court at the place and on the day aforesaid to prosecute her said petition and shll at all times suffer the said Milly
Ogleton to have a reasonable time to advise with her counsel on her said Petition; and shall also in the mean time
clothe, feed, and use the said Milly Ogleton well Here he shall not fail at his peril and fail you not at your peril and have
you then and there this witness the Honorable John McGant Chief Judge of the First Judical District the 3d day of
Anno Domini 1810 Jn. R. Magruder Jr. Issued the 10th day of September 1840.

Prince George's Court (Black) MHR, Folder 8
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Not only does this Ogleton case start a chain reaction of related cases but it illustrates the breakup of the slave family.

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