Thomas Burke
Petition for Gun
April 15, 1833
The petition of Thomas Burke humbly represents that he is a free man of colour that he is sober, industrious, and that a
principal means of support to himself and family is derived from his killing wild fowl. He would therefore humbly beg your
honors to grant him the privilege of keeping a gun.

Thereby certify that I have known Thomas Burke for several years, and have no hesitation in saying that I believe him to
be a sober, and industrious man and a good citizen.

J. H. Botity Justice of the Peace, 15th day of April, 1833.

* * *

I hereby authorize Thomas Burke to keep a gun for one year.

Given under my hand and seal this 15th day of April, 1833. J. H. Botity, J. P.

Prince George's Court, (Black)
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