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Letter from J. W. Healy to American Missionary Association
Churches and Straight University Plans
June 25, 1869
AMA 45790
Transcription (Healey was the agent of the A.M.A. in Louisiana in 1869)

New Orleans, La
June 25, 1869

My dear Brother,
I hear nothing from Gen. Howard, doubtless, because of his absence; and I have decided to take a vacation if ? weeks after the middle of July. For your
encouragement and information I make a ? ? of what we have done for the freedmen and you, in the ? months.

A church in Gretna, legally incorporated, of 200 members. A ? circle if and from Congl Union While properly worth $2,000 church dedicated. Rev. W. P.
Ward commissioned by Am A an ordained and installed. A S. S. of 200 scholars. A parachoial ? of 125 pupils, teacher commissioned ? A.M.A.
A church organized in Lockport June 20 of 55 members. Land  secured and chapel in process of erection. With property worth $1500. Rev. Nelson
Taylor is supplying ths young church.

A church of 55 members, legally incorporated in Algiers. Land secured and chapel being elected. Rev. Anthony Moox. Property will be worth $2,000.

In Amite ? Land deeded. material and erection pledged and chapel in process of errection. church and school can be ? in the autumn. Property worth

Land secured, materials pledged and erection assured in Moodyville. Chapel being erect. Whole property worth $1,500 school and church can be
organized in the fall.

In Port Hudson, land has been deeded, and materials and erection pledged. Chapel will be built by ?. Whole property worth $1,800. School and church
can be planted in the autumn.

Baton Rouge property conveyed to A.M.A. with 6,000. A normal insti. ? legally incorporated. A school of 125 scholars in in operation. Teachers
commissioned by the A.M.A. A ? Congl Society has been incorporated a minister called where support has been pledged by Gen. Howard and citizens.

Zion Congl church, New Orleans of 80 members, legally incorporated. A church ? worth $5,000. A fine S. S. ? Rev.  Joseph Dutch commissioned by the
A. M. A. was installed June 20th.

Morris Brown Congl church, New Orleans legally incorporated with a membership of 100. Church property worth $10,000 Rev. William Brown will be
ordained next Sabbath.

Howard Congl Church, New Orleans formerly ? Baptist of 1200 members, Rev. Isaac Williams commissioned by the A.M.A. is their pastor. The German
church will be brought for them by aid from Bureau and ? with $3,000.

Straight University will be in running order Sept 1st whole property will be worth $25,000.

New Orleans Association of Congl ministers 3 white and 6 colored, now being formed.

While the kingdom does not come with observation, yet here are some observable facts. what little I have done has been taken from my pastoral. This ?
? in the filed, the fruits had been more ample. What has ?? attests my ? statements ? you, when in