City of St. Augustine
Election Officials for 1896
Be it resolved that the following named voters of the City of St. Augustine be and are hereby appointed Inspectors and
Clerks of Elections respectively for the respective Wards in said City  hereinafter designated; to serve at the annual
election of Officers for said City to be held June 9th 1896 and the following places are designated as the polling places
in the respective Wards, for the holdings of such elections; viz.

1st Ward Inspectors: F. F. Andrew, C. E. Segui, John Manucy;
Clerk S. W Crinchlew Polling place Samuels Store

2nd Ward Inspectors:  D. C. Arnau, E. J. Andreu;
Clerk J. J. Byrnes Polling Place - City Bldg

3rd Ward Inspectors: Dan Mickler, Geo. Palmer, Paul Capo;
Clerk E L Barnes Polling place Dewhurst Bldg

4th Ward Inspector: Geo Stenhauser, Wm Tethers, Stephen Benjamin;
Clerk G. A. Alba Polling place - Odd Fellows Hall

5th Ward Inspectors: F. P. Andreu, E. Lopez, Horace Pomar;
Clerk T. J. Speissegger  Polling place Eujme[sic] House
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