St. Johns County Public School
Teacher List 1909
Public Schools Will Open For Term on Monday
With the brightest of prospects for a successful year the schools of St. Augustine and St. Johns county will open Monday
morning for the term of 1909-10. Superintendent Pinkham is now rounding up everything in shape for the oepning and
believes that both attendance and work are going to be most satisfactory during the coming year.

The St. Augustine school will open at 8 o'clock in the morning. Work is progressing at a good rate upon the new building
but it will not be ready for occupancy until the term is well advanced, so that the present building will be used as in the
past few years.

Prof. J. L. Boone, who has been at the head of the Orlando and Leesburg school respectively for nearly fifteen years in
all, will take charge of the city school as principal. He has been in the city for several days and is giving his personal
attention to getting things straightened around and ready for the term's work. It is probable that a faculty meeting will be
held tomorrow and that final plans for the opening of the school will be prepared.

With Prof. Boone in the High school faculty will be Mrs. E. M. Hamblen as first assistant. Miss Wilhelmina Hooks as
second and Mrs. Annie Averette. Mrs. Averette will teach Spanish, stenography and typewriting.

The teachers selected for the grades are the following: Eighth grade, Miss Leone Rood; seventh, Mrs. L. P. Hawkins;
sixth, Miss Agnes Coughlin; fifth, Miss Maude Shorter; fourth, Miss Eva Bellinger; third, Miss Margaret Gibbs; second,
Miss Alleen Cooper; first, Miss Ada V. Coughlin.

Sister de Chantel will be principal of the convent schools and with her as instructors will be Sisters Julia, Sylvestia,
Agnita, and Theresa Joseph. Miss Pauline Gatchell will teach the North City school. Mrs. Merl M. Morton has been
appointed principal of the New Augustine school and she will have Miss Gertrude Speissegger as her assistant.

The Hastings school building has been fully repaired since it was struck by lightening and the term opened there on the
first of the month. Some of the other country schools have also been opened by Superintendent Pinkham, but the
majority will not open before Monday. The Espanola school will be delayed a short time as a new building is being
erected on a new site across the railroad track from the old school. The Bunnell school opens with a fine new building.
The New Augustine colored school is being replastered and otherwise renovated and so will not open as soon as the

A few vacancies caused by resignations have not yet been filled but Superintendent Pinkham is now giving this matter
his full attention and will have teachers assigned for nearly every school in the county by the time the term opens on the
first of the week.

The appointments made for the various white schools of the county as now listed are as follows:

Moccasin Branch, Sister Ambrose, principal, and Sister Leocadle; Bird, Miss Willie Thigpen; Cartersville, Mrs. Jetty
Blackwelder; Espanola, Miss Sadie Greene; Omega, Miss Mary Nash; Hastings M. E. Martin, principal. Miss Gladys
Weathers, Miss Mabel Whitacre and Miss Josie Brandt, assistants; Trout Creek, Mrs. Maggie Roberts; Palm Valley, Miss
Bertha Darkoskie; Julington, Miss Mabel Carter; Twenty Mile Ridge, Miss W. M. Ludwig; Bunnell, Miss Minnie Johnson;
Billingville, Miss Minnie Cone; Osceola, Miss Irene Bettes; Gilbert, Miss Ida Toble.
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