St. Augustine Public School
Public School has Opened for Term 1919-20
Largest Enrollment in History of School is Looked for in High School and Grammar Grades

St. Augustine Record October 6, 1919

With what promises to be the largest enrollment in its history, St. Augustine High and Graded School
opened this morning with more or less formal exercises held in the School auditorium under the
direction of Prof. W. E. Knibloe. There were so many students that a large number of the parents
and friends were unable to gain admission into the auditorium being forced to remain in the corridors

The increased attendance is largely due to the new school attendance law which has just come into
force. A complete census of St. Augustine had been made by the school attendance officer. H. M.
Stephens, and the good results of his work are now in evidence in the increased attendance at all
schools of the city. Mr. Stephens has so far been able only to complete his census of St. Augustine
and some of the small country precincts but will within the next few weeks cover the entire county.

The High School orchestra has started upon its work for the new year under the direction of C. O.
Oldfather. There are a number of new recruits for that musical organization this year, and Director
Oldfather says that some very good talent is represented among the boys. He is looking forward to a
successful year for the orchestra in its work for the school.

Brief talks were made at the opening exercises by Superintendent D. D. Corbett, who covered the
field thoroughly, by Rev. D. H. Ruiter, pastor of Grace Methodist Church and Harry L. Brown
representing the Board of Public Instruction of St. Johns County.

The balance of the morning was given over to the reorganization of classes and the making of plans
for the carrying out of daily programs in the High and Graded School departments. The teachers who
have in charge the High School classes and grammar grades this year are as follows:

High School
W. E. Knibloe, principal, department of Science.
Miss Evelyn Hamblen , assistant principal, Department of Ancient Languages
Miss Deone Rood, supervisor of grades.
Miss Elizabeth Gilna, Department of English
Mrs. Herbert Feikel, Department of Mathematics
Miss Christian Gillis, assistant in Mathematics and History
Mrs. J. A. Blanton, Department of History
Miss Grace Gillard, Department of Penmanship
Dr. E. L. Smith, school dentist Grammar and Primary Grades

Grammar and Primary Grades
8th Grade A. Mrs. J. D. Hobbs
8th Grade B, Miss Irene Liody
7th Grade A. Mrs. L. A. Hemingway
7th Grade B, Miss Callye Allen
6th Grade A. Mrs. W. T. Drew
6th Grade B. Mrs. Lucy Fisher
5th Grade A. Miss Elise Wallace
5th Grade B, Miss Clara Walls
4th Grade A. Mrs. Nanne B Bropaugh
4th grade B Mrs. J. W. Luke
3rd Grade A, Miss Eliander Alden
3rd Grade B, Miss Marie Foster
2nd Grade A, Miss Allpen Cooper
2nd Grade B, Miss Mary D. Glittnartin
1st Grad A. Mrs. L P Hawkins
1st Grade B, Miss Margaret DeMedices
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