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Adam Floyd Summary by Special Examiner
33rd USCT Pension
January 21, 1890

Pension Records
St. Augustine Jany' 21st, 1890 (cut off)

General Green B. Raum:
Commissioner of Pensions:


I have the honor to release herewith the papers, with my report, in claim no 311059 of Adam Floyd, late corporal of Co. I. 33rd U.S.C.T. whose present post
office address is St. Augustine, St. Johns Co. Florida.

Cmt enlisted Jany' 15th 1863; was discharged Jany 31st 1866, and alleges that what in service he occurred a rupture of tright side.

Record ? as his diabilities alleged. His claim was sent to me for special examinations at St. Augustine Fla ? to ?.

Claimant was duly notorized and instructed to his rights and was present at the taking of all this testimony.

The claimant is a very ignorant man as black as he is ignorant, and a good deal of allowances should be made as to the imperfecions in his statements - The
same may be said of his witnesses. They all have the reputations of being honest and trustful and I know nothing in their manner of testifying to lead me to
believe otherwise.

I believe the cliams is a meritorious pme and recommend further examination as follows: Keft Chinhalual (pronounced Chissu) Beaufort S. C.
Dan'l White Bluffton Bronford Co South Carolina, Edward Calviss 1512 H St N. W. Washington D. C.

Domingo Stephens is dead.
Very respectfully
James Dujan
Special Examiner

P. S. Wm Vandykes has deposition was ? out in the Bay in a ? fishing "? when it was about as ? to wit plainly as an a ? R. R. car. J. D.

Who played who - Adam Floyd over James Dujan or Dunjan over Raum. Corporal Floyd clearly knew what he was doing. His goal was to get a pension
through all of this. Maybe Dunjan was trying to convince Raum that Floyd should be awarded a pension in spite of himself.