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Freedmen's Aid
Letter from A. D. Milne with request of the School Committee of
Adams School
New England Freedmen's Aid
July 9th, 1863

Letters from Teachers 1864

MY DEAR SIR,-I send you a letter from the School Committee. I give it word for word, as it fell from the lips of Robert,
leaving out a few remarks about myself. They have been very faithful, and will be found a great help to future teachers.
Yours most sincerely, A. D. MILNE.

DEAR SIR,-The Committee of the Adams School, on this Island, would say, that in regard to our ignorance, we were all
ignorant and blind, and have been kept back in darkness by our former masters, who used to hold us under bondage
and hide the light from us. But thank God that through the prayers of good people, the good friends of the North,
through the assistance of God, are helping us to drop the scales from our eyes. We have think within ourself, while we
were under slavery bondage, that we could never seen this sight, that we have, and all our friends and parents, who
have children, think that they cannot pray and thank God enough, and the good friends of the North, who are striving to
let us see this light. Even I myself, Robert L. Chaplin, myself 73 years old, had feel within myself that it was impossible
that the slavery bound could ever again see light in this world, until the good friends send us a good friend that teach us
that all things are possible with God, and that old and young can see light in their old age. The children and people all,
now, desire to learn to read, and we hope you will be pleased not to let us suffer for a teacher, for the children of this
district was very much neglect, above any other part of the Island, until our present teacher came, and now his health is
gone and he is not able to hold out through the season, and we feel very much distressed in our mind for want of his
teaching. All the good we can do for ourself, is but little, we were kept down so, by our secesh masters, but we will do
what we can and return our thanks by our prayers to the friends that help us. We were so delight to see the children
improve, that our teacher voted to have a committee of four and myself makes five, to visit the school and see that
everything go on regular among all the children, and we stand the assistance of the teacher as far as we are able and
our understanding goes. All the books and property that belong to the School, is in our charge, and if a teacher is sent
we shall be responsible for the same. We will write to you again and let you know how we get along. Our district will need
a man teacher, a good strong man, because there is deal of work in a large school. We generally have lecture every
Sunday evening, from three to four o'clock among the children and people, and we have seen that it makes the children
and people improve more greatly. If we should have another teacher, we feel that we shall continue on in every way to
receive knowledge. Through the assistance of the Lord we pray that as we improve in one thing we may improve in
everything, more and more every year.-We give great thanks to the Lord for the good things he has sent already.

This letter is signed by all the five committee men, who are all present, and very thankfully agree to what is said, and we
shall all be pleased to receive any message from you.

JOHN EDWARD, his X mark.
DANIEL BOLLES, his X mark.
WILLIAM SCOTT, his Y mark.

July 8th, 1863, Adams School, Morville District,
St. Helena Island, S. C.