C Thurston Chase
Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction
to Rev. E. P. Smith
January 4, 1870        

American Missionary Association 18971
Jany. 4, 1870


The scholastic year in Marion County as in all counties in this state commences Oct 1 and ends the following Sept 30th.

But to be more explicit, the County Board of Marion Co'y propose to employ about seven teachers the year around in
this way. They expect to limit the term of each school to 4 or 5 months. Also to employ seven first class teachers the
year around -- Start them in certain schools. Let them teach the proper length of time then afterwards transfer them to
others. In this way giving them employment, as they may desire for 8, 10, or 12 months.

Please let them be ladies of such force of character as Misses Williams, Gardner or Paige (?). With many thanks I am
C. Thurston Chase Superintendent

Rev. E. P. Smith

Accept hearty best wishes for you and yours all through the year. C. T. C.
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