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Freedmen Aid Societies
History of the American Missionary Association:
Its Churches and Educational Institutions among
The Freedmen, Indians and the Chinese

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AMA A-1257
Index: Georgia, Latin, Greek, J. E. Brown, Tougaloo, New Orleans, Jackson, New Orleans Jackson and Great Northern railroad, Jackson Miss., Illinois, Mississippi, Arkansas
From American Missionary 1909
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Tougaloo College, Tougaloo, Miss

1917 Report
- Rev. A. F. Beard, D.D., New York, N.Y.; Rev. H. P. Douglass, D.D., New York, N. Y.; Rev. F. S. Child, D.D., Fairfield, Conn.; Mr. Webster
Millsaps Buie, Jackson, Miss; Rev. Alfred Lawless, Jr., New Orleans, La.; L. C. Warner, LL.D., New York, N.Y.; Rev. H. H. Tweedy, D. D., New Haven,
Conn.; Rev. R. H. Potter, D. D., Hartford, Conn.; Hon. T. C. MacMillan, chicago, Ill.; A. D. Sheridan, Evanston, Ill.; Bishop Theodore D. Bratton,
Jackson, Miss.; Rev. Livingston L. Taylor, D.D., Canadaigua, N. Y.; Rev. William t. Holmes, Tougaloo, Miss. Officers---Bishop Theodore D. Bratton,
Jackson, Miss, President; Rev. A. F. Beard, D. D., New York, N. Y., Secretary; I. C. Gaylord, New York, N. Y., Treasurer.

President, Rev. William T. Holmes, A.B., Tougaloo, Miss. Dean, Emeritus, Rev. Cyrus Hamlin, D. D., Newburgh, N.Y. Dean, C. Leonard Hultgren,
A.M., New York city. Treasurer, Rev. Austin Hazen, A.B., Tougaloo, Miss. Treasurer's Assistant. Emily Burgess, Cleveland, Ohio. Teachers: College
and High School -- Flora S. Gifford, A.M., Brookline, Mass.; Vita Slater, A.B., Wichita. Kan.; Lillian Voorhees, A.B., Baskingridge, N. J.; Nellie augur,
Middlefield, Conn.; Laura durfey, Vergennes, Vt.; Helen B. Morse, A.B., Boston, Mass.; Margaret A. Reed, Providence, R. I. Music -- Addie Carryl,
Little Falls, N. Y.; Grace Evans, Jamica Plain, Mass. Stenographer, Grace Everett, Lawrence, Mass. Preceptresses, Annie E. Abell, Oberlin, Ohio;
Mrs. Agnes Warren, Jamestown, N. Y. Matron, Mary Manwell, Austinberg, Ohio. Industrial --Chas. P. Bentley, Tougaloo, Miss.; Charles T. Battle,
Wilson, N.C.; Mary W. L. Wyckoff, A. B., Chicago, Ill.; Catherine Perley, Berwyn, Ill. Nurse, Theodora Gertrude Bishop, Mansfield, Ohio. Farm
Superintendent, Herbert A. Gillette, Tougaloo, Miss.

Daniel Hand School
Teachers: Elementary--Minnie Lines, Chicago, Ill.; Eva Jane Sprague, Canandaigula, N. Y., Vera Ogedn, Clearfield, Pa.; Edna C. Hurley, Buffalo, N.Y.

Students - Collegiate, 10; Secondary Grades, 223; Elementary Grades, 146; Specials, 2; Night School, 12. Total, 423.