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Freedmen Aid Societies
History of the American Missionary Association:
Its Churches and Educational Institutions among
The Freedmen, Indians and the Chinese

Page 35-36

AMA A-1257
Index: New York, Milford Mass, Rev. Mr. Brown, Kingston, Straight University, New Orleans, Seymour Straight, American Missionary Association, Freedmen's Bureau, Catholic,
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Straight University

1917 Report
- Elbert C Little, New Orleans, La.; Frank E. richmond, New Orleans, La.; Rev. H. P. Dewey, D.D., Minneapolis, Minn; Prof.
J. H. Dillard, Charlottesville, Va.; Rev. H Paul Douglass, New York, N. Y.; L:eonidas Burbridge, M.D., New Orleans, La.; William H.
Upson, Akron, Ohio. Officers - Frank E. Richmond, Secretary, Irving C. Gaylord, Treasurer.

President, Rev. Howard A. M. Briggs, A. B. New Orleans, La. Treasurer, Elbert C. Little, New Orleans, La.

Teachers: College and High School
James T. Cater, A. B., Atlanta, Ga. (Registrar);
Edwin Hazen, A. M., Middletown, Conn.; Elsie Bunn, Attleboro, Mass; Emily W. Nichols, Clinton, N. Y.; Lucius Jordan (died), A. B.,
Cambridge, Mass; Cordelia G. Pierson, A.B., Jacksonville, Ill.; Alice A. Flagg, Godfrey, Ill.; Lora J. Gibson, Bellevue, Mich.; Michael
Vohland, A.B., New Orleans, La; Mrs. Michael Vohland, B. S., New Orleans, La.; Mary L. Rogers, Newburyport, Mass. Music -- Helen
Shannon, Jamaica Plain, Mass; Gertrude Fink, Los Angeles, Cal.; Louis Spencer, Warren, Mass. Industrial--Mrs. Emma Parrott,
Yonkers, N. Y.; Carlotta Tracy, Vergenners, Vt; William J. Decatur, New Orleans, La; Samuel R. Meriwether, Mobile, Ala; Daniel
Thomas, New Orleans, La; Matrons, Mrs. E. C. Little, New Orleans, La.; Lena Babcock, Oroville, Cal. Field Agent, Rev. Alfred
Lawless, Jr., A.B., New Orleans, La.

Daniel Hand School
Principal, M. Isabel Whelpley, Plainsville, Ohio.
Teachers: Elementary - Patti K. Cashin, Decatur, Ala.; Leora Pease, Springfield, Mass.; Edith Levagood, Frankfort, Michigan.

Students - Collegiate, 26; Secondary, 276; Elementary, 125; Special, 4. Total, 456.