History of the American Missionary Association:
Its Churches and Educational Institutions among
The Freedmen, Indians and the Chinese

Page 9-10

AMA A-1257
Assorted Documents of
the AMA
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Freedmen Aid Societies
Index: John Brown, Berea Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio, Richmond, Cincinnati, Rev. Daniel Worth, New Salem N. C., Harper's Ferry, Greensboro, The New York Herald, Supreme Court, Rev. A.
Vestal, American Missionary Association, North Carolina, Lewis Tappan, General Butler, Fortress Monroe, Hampton,  Rev. L. C. Lockwood, Hampton, General Wool,

Rev. L. C. Lockwood, Decennial Report from American Missionary September, 1871.

H. C. Perry, History of the AMA in Norfolk, Va from American Missionary September, 1871
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