Rev. Daniel Wilson to Rev. Whipple
North Carolina
June 22, 1852

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June 22, 1852
State of
North Carolina Guilford, Co. June the 22nd 1852. To the Treasurer of A.M.A.

Dear Sir

Yours of the 11th June is before me and the following lines may be considered as a reply to the same. So far as the Missionary Operations so conceived. I suppose that it will not alter my field
of labor in the least as it is one and the same place where I now labor and have been laboring for som time past. But there are some conditions set forth in your communication with which it will
be out of the question to comply under the exciteing circumstances with which we are surrounded in this Southern field of labor.

1. The main plea that was got up by the Mobs that was used to the prejudice of Brothers McBride and Brooks [see autobiography below]  was that they were Agents of the American
Antislavery societies or Antislavery societies of the North which amounts to the same thing well now for me to avow myself as an agent for an antli slavery association which I must do if I carry
out All the conditions of the Association would excite the prejudice of the Proslavery portion of the community and very probably cause one to be driven from the state you are not acquainted
perhaps with the exciting nature of these things in this country for we have something wors to contend with here than proslavery law we have proslavery Mobs and hence it requires the
greatest precaution on our part to get along at all with feelings so hostile to our position where we have not the advantages of the law as we should have. I believe however that everything
that is essential to Missionary opperations under the circumstances can be carried out in a private way. At any rate I feel willing to do all that I Can do as a missionary in this, or any other
country so that I can Glorify God and advance his cause on earth and be instrumental in saveing souls The opposition to Antislavery movements is so great In this country that the prospects
for doing Much seems but poor at this time but matter more encourageing I think in some respects there it has in time past we hope for the better but it is hard to tell much from the signs of
the times ---- you desire some information in regards to sending the appropriation well it would not be good policy to send a draft as that would have a tendency to get me into embarrased
circumstances at least I fear that would be the case. But you can send It I think with safety in a letter by sending paper money.

I will make my reports according to the direction given quarterly one think I shall request and that is that you will not publish my name to the reports without further orders as I do not know that
it would be the best at presnet as there might be some advantage taken of it by our proslavery enemys in this country if they were to get hold of it that is all the reasons I have for making the
request. I will close by assuring you tha t I will do the best I can under the circumstances for the promotion of the one common cause of human salvation.
Yours with due respects for the Truth.
N. B. My Address is as before center PO Guilford Co NC

Reverend Daniel Wilson to Mr. George Whipple


(The spelling and punctuation, or lack of it, are strictly Rev. Wilson’s.)

The following is a transcript of a letter written by Daniel Wilson in the late 1800 most likely while living in Bourbon Co. KS.   The original transcript was provided by Mrs. Virgil L. Williams, the
wife of Daniel Wilson’s great-great-great-grandson through Daniel’s daughter, Sarah Emeline Wilson.  Sarah Emeline married Robert Arnold in 1867 in Miami Co. IN   The letter is in very poor
condition and has several tears and stains.  A transcript of the letter was sent to bjh beach who uploated it to this web site.  Mrs. Williams submitted a copy of this letter to the Journal of North
Carolina Genealogy in which it appeared in the Fall 1995 edition.

A sketch of
Biography of my Pilgrimage and Travel through life.
I was born in North Carolina Guilford county near Greensboro the county Seat on the 28th day of October 1813  My Fathers name was John Wilson my Mothers name was Elizabeth Linthicum
before she was Married to my Father  They had Thirteen children Born to them one died an Infant the other twelve were all Raised to Man and Woman hood I was the Eleventh child born to
them  I became Religiously Inclined In Early life as my parents were Both Religious My Father adhered to the society of Friends my Mother was a true and zealous Methodist of the old Wesley
Stamp  I Embrace Religion on the 10th day of September 1831 at a Camp Meeting held In the Town of Greensboro under the superintendency of the Elder Moses Brock  In a few days after I
returned home from the camp Meeting I Joined the Methodist Episcopal church at Muiers Chapel where I remained a member until I moved near a church In the same county call Rehoboth to
which I removed my name and Soon after Married a Girl the name of Nancy Leonard having a clear sense of a call to the Ministry I applied for a licence to Exhort and was Licensed by the
members of the Rehoboth church in the Spring of 1833, Exercised my gifts of Exhorten of Three years then applied for a License to Preach which was Granted by the quarterly conference
held at Harmony hill Guilford county N.C. of 19th day of November 1836  I remained to occupy a local Position of Minister In the M E Church up to the time of the Division of the ME Church in
1844 & 45 when the Southern wing of the Church was Struck off and Formed the M E Church South which was accomplished by Southern Slave Holders the result was that several of the
Members of the Guilford Circuit with drew from the M E C South and formed our selves Into classes and held our meetings as best we could as were locked out of the M E Church   the way
soon opened up so that we become united with the Wesleyan Methodist church the only Preachers we had for a time was myself John W Linthicum and Hugh Baker communication was soon
had with the Ohio Wesleyan conference and they sent us a young Man the name of Adam Crooks who Preached a year for us with good Success when he returned to the Ohio conference
and then returned again with Two other Preacher Jesse McBride and J C Bacon Great Success was given to their labors and our little church Prospered greatly until So that other churches
became alarmed for fear that we Would out Strip any of the older churches I the south So like the Jews of old they Stirred up Persecution raised mobs drove the Ohio Preachers of threatening
their lives I f they did not leave So they all Three left the field & another Preacher from the Protestant Methodist had Joined the name of Wm Anderson the classes now met In quarterly
conference to devise some way to keep the work going and after consultation assigned me to the work which Embrace a Portion of 3 counties to with Guilford Davidson and Montgomery in the
State of North Carolina which I traveled and had to charge of from 1849 to 1859 and the worked Prospered till the getting up the civil War after being moved Several times and opposed as St
Paul called It by false Brethren and In many ways Exposed and Threatened I gathered my Family and what little affects I could move In a One Horse vehicle and Started for more congenial
climes So we Journeyed for Indiana where we had Relatives and Friends and the Lord was with us and Prospered our way until we reached Henry county Indiana to our Brother John Wilsons
and his sons where we found a welcome and Staid In that county for about Eighteen Months amongst our friends and Relations then we left Henry county and traveled Northwest across
several counties to Miami county where we located for seven years and were Providentially favoured So that we concluded to look for a home in Kansas and commenced our Travel In the fall
of 78 (corrected to 68 – family was listed in 1870 Bourbon Co KS census) and landed In Bourbon county Kansas on the 1st day December 1878 (actually 1868) and we Bought a Claim of
Elisha Hu(- - -torn) on the waters of Pawnee creek In which Neighbourhood we have lived Ever Since after we came here we connected of selves with the Church here and traveled In different
circuits In the Kansas conference till 1876 when I was Elected President of the Kansas Conference and Traveled In that Relation that year Since which I have Traveled Several (?) (- - -torn)
different charges but have now Retired.

Footnote:  The year 1878 has been corrected by Sarah Wilson Arnold, his daughter, to read 1868 which is correct, as they are listed on the 1870 Census of Bourbon Co. KS

Story Title:
Rev. Daniel Wilson's Autobiography  
Late 1800  
Location: NC-IN-Bourbon Co. KS  

Submitted By:
Extracted from an family tree by Terry L. Linthicum
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