Rev. Daniel Wilson to Rev. George Whipple
Guilford Co North Carolina
August 10, 1852

AMA 99612
State of North Carolina Guilford Co - August the 10th 1852

Dear Sirs

Yours of the 26th July Is now before me having come to hand some days since. I mailed one for you on the 25th of last month but I suppose that It had not come to hand  when you wrote
me on the 26th of the same. I Informed you In that what I supposed would be likely to Embarrass me In acting as a Missionary for you. but careful examination has given me to see that
there was nothing required In the conditions with which I could not comply and that as to the request of takeing up public collections Being optionary with myself I find no difficulty In the way
so that If you have not sent on the appropriation on a part there of you can do so Immediately as I am some what embarrassed at present for want of funds to go on with. I send you in this
my first report

Daniel Wilson

To the Treasurer of the A.M.A.

No and Location of Churches be
1st Reynolds schoolhouse - Guilford Co NC
2 Union Church - Guilford Co NC
3 Wesleyan Chapel - Guilford Co NC
4 Liberty Hill Chapel - Guilford Co NC
5 Sandyridge Chapel - Guilford Co NC
6 Freedom Hill - Chatham Co
7 Hardway Church - Randolph Co
8 Union Church  - Randolph Co
9 Bethel Church - Randolph Co
10 Carmel  - Montgomery Co
11 Lovejoy - Montgomery Co

The whole No In society at present is Three hundred and fifty I have the No of Members In each Church which might be more satisfactory....... for the Three months pas will be very
Imperfect but I trust that I shall be able to give more general satisfaction here after on the various subjects that may fall under my notice at least I shall try to attend to the Business of my

Dear Brother give me your prayers so that I may be enabled to proclaim A Free and Full Gospel in this Land of whips and chains and mobs be. Nothing more at presnet but remain yours
from a pure Gospel in Christ

Daniel Wilson

To Geo Whipple
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