Daniel Wilson to George Whipple
Guilford NC
July 22, 1852

AMA 99611
State of North Carolina Guilford Co. July the 22nd 1852

Dear Sir:

Yours of the 7th July is before me. You State that you wish me to state? Definately which of the conditions it will be out of the question to comply with. well I will do so if I understand your
communication of June the 11th you say that It will be expected of me to take up a public collection In each church upon my charge for Missionary purposes. I have no objection whatever to
the course pointed out by you ask to that But if I pursue that course I have doubts as to Its results. In the first place to take up a public collection I must explain the purpose for which It Is
taken up In the Second place I must Explain my position fully as to the Missionary Association with which I am Identified and if so It will have a tendency to excite prejudice against me
Immediately and I fear that It would cause the opponents of the cause In this country to be as much enrages as the were lost sinners for their strongest plea that they could use was that
McBride and Brooks were employed by the Northern Antislavery Associations in so that ye judge that it would not be prudent at this time to take up public collections upon the account .
Another thing Is that I am required without any qualification to stay and preach the gospel. In this field of labor as a condition well now as I am under the control partly at least of the Annual
Conference there might be a chance for some difficulty upon that hand though I apprehend none from this quarter as It is my calculation at this time to stay and labor this year in this field if
I can have the priviledge to do so. I suppose that your conditions are not like the laws of the Medes and Persians unalterable from any consiciderations.

Now as to this last condition it is my purpose to stay and labor but I may be foreced away as others have been as to the first, I think it Impractible under existing circumstances to comply
them with so If you consider this one essential point to be carried out you will not send the money If not you will send it as directed in my last I think the subject surely Is Definitely stated

I have the 1st report nearly made out but I will not send it until I hear from you again.

Should you send the money the best way perhaps would be to send it half at a time so as to make but two risks about it and if you send it do so fourthwith as I shall soon ? to travel without
Assistance from some source and then I do not know how the antislavery cause will get along here the cause gets along poorly now and if there Is no person to advocate It. It will be worse
of course yours for the truth

Rev Daniel Wilson

To Geo Whipple
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