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Casa Amarylla
Wiley Hall
St. Augustine Florida
GPS 29.894122,-81.314889
Flagler Era
This house was originally a part of the Ponce de Leon Hotel complex and was the home of Dr. F. F.
Smith. It is now part of Flagler College.

In 1898 what is today called Wiley Hall on 6 Valencia Street was built by
McGuire and McDonald.

The original purpose of this building was to house the hotel physician. This was originally the home of
Dr. F. F. Smith. He was the grandfather of book critic Eliot Fremont-Smith.

In 1900 Flagler sold this building to Albert Lewis who named the house "Casa Armarylla." Lewis
Speedway Road is named after him. It had an addition in 1901 addition of two and 1/2 story to the
rear of the building and was remodeled  in the 20s or 30s. This was done by Mrs. Louis Wise Lewis
Francis. She had the house remodeled for a child care center. Fred A. Hollingsworth designed a two
story porch addition to the east side and the replacement of the front poarch with a porte cochere.  

In 1940 Dr. Vernon A Lockwood purchased the home and converted into apartments. Bernadine
Bailey an author for young readers lived there (
Juan Ponce de Leon Boston: Houghton Mifflin,
1958) and James Branch Campbell lived there from 1935-1952. Cambell  was the author of
Were Two Pirates, The Devil's Own Dear Son,
with A. J. Hanna on The St. Johns: A Parade of
, and Quite Please.

After Lawrence Lewis, Jr.  purchased the building in 1975 he donated it to Flagler College.  It
served as offices including admissions office and registrar.
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