History of the American Missionary Association:
Its Churches and Educational Institutions among
The Freedmen, Indians and the Chinese
Table of Contents

Organization and Early Labors
American Missionary Association

Among the Slaves
Anti-Slavery Preaching and Schools

Among the Freedmen
Freedmen Aid Societies
Emancipation -The Wide Door Opened
Steady Progress
Close of the War-Freedmen's Bureau-Boston Council
Asylums-Aid from Abroad-Normal School  
Permanent Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions
Higher Schools
Location of Schools

Chartered Institutions
Berea College, Berea Ky
Normal Agricultural Institute, Hampton Va
Fisk University, Nashville Tenn
Jubilee Singers
Atlanta University
Tougaloo University
Talladega College
Straight University

Graded and Normal Schools

Churches in the South
Church Planting
Church Buildings
Assorted Documents of
the AMA
Table of Contents
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Freedmen Aid Societies
American Freedmen and
Union Commission
Port Royal Relief
New England Freedmen's
Aid Society
National Freedmen's Aid
Freedmen's Aid Societies
Port Royal Experiment
American Missionary
Freedmen's Bureau
Assorted Documents
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