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Freedmen's Bureau
An Act to continue in force and to amend "An Act to establish a
Bureau for the Relief of Freedmen and Refugees,"
July 16, 1866
Statutes of the United States

Section 6: Land sales in Sea Islands in 1866 were not tax sales but the sale of the U. S. Government lands that the
government bought earlier at the first land sale.

Section 14: Right to bear arms - virtually all slave states had various provisions that disallowed slaves or freed people
of color from using any type of firearms. Note how this section was only used on states of the former Confederacy and
not states like Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Kentucky or Missouri.

This law was passed over Presidential veto. It was part of a long series of challenges to President Andrew Johnson's
reconstruction program and was part of "Congressional Reconstruction."
President Andrew Johnson
Speaker of the House
Schuyler Colfax
Senator LaFayette S. Foster
pro tempore of the
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