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Freedmen's Bureau
Appointment of Peter Benet as Agent for Bradford County,
Florida for the Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned
May 7, 1866
Freedmen Bureau Records

Office Asst. Com B.R.F. & A. L.
Tallahassee Fla – May 7th 1866

Sp. Order
No. 5

Peter Benet is hereby appointed Agent of the B. R. F & A. L. for Bradford County, Fla.

Immediately upon the official acceptance of this Agency by letter to the Asst. Comr Peter Benet will enter upon the
duties of his office.

All agents of this Bureau in their official Capacity will be governed by letters of introductions from the Asst. Com and
will whenever required to do so make such reports of their official transactions as may be required.

The Circulars & instructions heretofore issued from this office will be considered in force until otherwise ordered by
the Asst. Com. except Par 1 Cir No 9 series 1865.

Agents are requested to inform the public thoroughly of their appointment.

By order of Col Osborn Asst. Com.
S. S. McHenry
Bt Maj and A. A. Gen
Office Asst Com. B. R. F. & A.L.

Special Order No. 5 - Agent appointment
This document is the appointment of Peter Benet as an agent for the Bureau of R.F. & A.L. for Bradford County,
Florida on May 7, 1866. The agents were required to follow Circular #9, Series 1865 that listed their duties and
required them to make official reports.

Note:  Each year the numbering system for documents starts at 1 again and is filed by the year. So there are circular
1's for each year and depending on the origin of the document there are National, state and local items.
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