Armstead Brown
(1875 - October 29, 1951)
Armstead Brown—  Born in Talbotton, Talbot County, Ga., June 6, 1875 the son of Henry Clay Brown and Susan Agnes
(Dowdell) Brown. He quit school at 14 to become personal secretary to Georgia Governor John B. Gordon, a former
Confederate general.  He moved to Alabama where he began his career as a clerk in the law office of his uncle who
later became an Alabama chief justice. At age 21 he was admitted to the bar in 1897 and served as county solicitor,
register in chancery, and later in Montgomery from 1909 to 1915 he was associate municipal judge. On November 21,
1901 he married Elizabeth Dowdell.

He became the  general solicitor, Florida East Coast Railway, and Florida East Coast Hotel Co. in 1915.

He started a private practice in Miami with State Senator John P. Stokes. and became president of the Dade County Bar
and later the Florida State Bar Association.

He became a  justice of Florida state supreme court, 1925-46 when he was appointed to the court by then Governor
John W. Martin. He served as chief justice of Florida state supreme court, 1925-26 and 1941-43. After he retired he was
called back as an associate justice on difficult cases.

Methodist. Member, American Bar Association; Kiwanis. After he retired he lived in Tallahassee where he enjoyed his
hobbie as a golfer. He died of a heart attack where he had gone on a golden wedding anniversary trip. He was buried in
a Tallahassee cemetery.
Armstead Brown
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