Atlantic Beach, Duval County
Florida East Coast Railway
Atlantic Beach is directly on the famous Florida Beach, made so by the automobile races that take place each winter
opposite Ormond and Daytona, about one hundred miles further south. Here is located

Places to Stay 1909
The Continental
The Continental is the latest addition to the system of hotels of the Florida East Coast Hotel Company, and it is opened
in March each year and remains open until August.

Florida as a summer resort doubtless seems incongruous to those untraveled Americans in other parts of this big land
who think of summer in Florida as a season of torrid heat, and mentally classify America's greatest winter playground
with the "hot countries." As every Floridian knows, however, Atlantic Beach is just as pleasant and comfortable a place
for a summer sojourn as can be found in a good many days' journey in any direction.

The beach provides in its forty miles of length a speedway as perfect for the uses of the automobile and the cyclist as
the more famous stretch at Ormond. Racing meets held here under the auspices of the Jacksonville Automobile Club
have proven successful.

The many Jacksonville people who have summer homes at the beach impart to it a sort of resident social life. More
purely than any of them, however, Atlantic Beach is and seems destined to remain a place of vacations, of getting away
from business and the homely everyday routine, and of taking the needed play which Americans are learning is a better
alternative than national nervous prostration.

Surf Bathing -- The summer temperature of the water here is constantly about 72 degrees, and the waters of the coast
are celebrated for their tonic and health-giving qualities. There is absolutely no undertow, but life-lines and boats with
men on guard are provided, so that even the most faint-hearted may have nothing to fear and feel perfectly safe while
enjoying the invigorating surf baths.

Ocean Pier -- A delightful feature of this resort is the ocean pier extending out into the Atlantic 800 feet, with half its
length covered over. What more inviting lounging place for summer could be imagined? With Old Ocean tossing and
tumbling beneath and fanned by the never-ceasing ocean breezes one may while away the time in comfort, forgetful of
the heat and worry and dust of city life.

Places to Stay 1912
The Continental
, H. E. Bemis; capacity, 250; rates $5.00 up. Open March to May

End of the Continental
in 1911,Flagler's company leased the Continental Hotel for ten years to A. S. Stanford who represented the American
Resort Hotel Company. In 1913, the hotel and 4,000 acres north to the south jetty were sold by the Florida East Coast
Hotel Company to E. R. Brackett and a consortium of New York capitalists who formed the Atlantic Beach Corporation
and renamed it the Atlantic Beach Hotel. This corporation, headed by Harcourt Bull, sought to develop the community.
On May 17, 1917, the hotel property was sold at public auction and bought in by the FEC Hotel Company for $167,000.
In November, 1917, it was leased to W.H. Adams, Sr. It burned on September 20, 1919, a loss of $300,000
Continental Hotel - Atlantic Beach, Florida
Florida Memory,
H & W.B. Drew
July 1, 1906.
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