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Augusta Report
January 20, 1865

AMA 19341

Mr. Donald Brown
Augusta Ga
January 20 – 66

Augusta Ga
Jan 20, 1866

Rev. Samuel Hunt

Dear Sir

I arrived at Savannah on the 13th inst the voyage occupying four days. We came near perishing during the first part of
the trip. The steam in the pipes that heat the cabins froze in New York, through the carelessness of the Engineer who
made no effort to have it melted and so we had a cold cabin and cold berths all the way. Add to this seasickness, and
you can imagine our misery.

I received a hearty welcome from Mr. Cooley and his teachers. They are all well, and earnestly engaged in the work.
The schools are in a flourishing condition; the attendance is regular; the children are hungry to learn, and make rapid
progress. I remained there two days waiting for a steamer at which to proceed to Augusta. I got here yesterday, after
three days sailing on the Savannah river. I at once reported to Mr Eberhart who assigned me to take charge of the
schools and the Mission House. My spare time will be devoted to teaching. I found the teachers comfortably quartered in
a neat and convenient house in a pleasant and healthy part of the city. Miss Foote has been sick during the past week
with the mumps, but is now fast recovering. Mr. Elerhart speaks in high terms of the teachers and schools. He is well
satisfied with Mr. Jenckes as an instructor. He pronounced him active energetic, and efficient in that respect. The trouble
has been in the management of the Mission House, and in his treatment of teachers. He seems to have been indiscreet
in his conduct imposing restrictions and duties upon his assistants which were unreasonable. Mr. Jenckes will be
retained here. There being plenty of work Mr. Eberhart would like to have you send two more female teachers if you
can. Rev. Mr. Martindale, feeling very much discouraged in his labors proposes to return in April. He has got into an
imbroglio with the trustees of the Colored Presbyterian Church which does not seem likely to be settled. He has probably
written you the particulars so I will not repeat them.  I shall enter upon my duties on Monday and will write again very

Hoping to hear from you soon. I close with many kind regards.

Donald Brown
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