The Barcelona
22 Carrera
St. Augustine Florida
The Barcelona
In the 1870s Henry Ball constructed a residence that was located on Valencia and Sevilla Streets. In 1885
Henry Flagler purchased the house.

The Barcelona was located near the
Union Depot, Memorial and Grace Methodist Episcopal, North Church on
the corner of Carrera and Seville Streets. It was the Ball mansion moved,  enlarged and remodeled. Miss R.
E. Hasseltine was the manager in the 1890s. It had baths, gas, hot and cold water on each floor.

The 1891
Tatler stated: "When the beautiful Ball mansion was moved to its present site and added to, making
it a handsome family hotel of fifty rooms at the request of its present efficient manager, Miss Hasseltine, her
friends were alarmed for her, thinking she would never be able to fill so large a house, and now after two
successful seasons, eight more rooms have been added by
Messrs. McGuire & McDonald. The house is
delightfully located; has a broad, open country on either side, giving magnificent views.

The house has baths, gas, hot and cold water on each floor, broad halls and large parlors and dining rooms,
and is appreciated by the public, for it always has its complement of guests."

In 1895
the Tatler reported: "The Barcelona is one of the pleasant hotels in St. Augustine, beautifully located
in the new part of the city, near the Union Depot, the Memorial and Methodist churches,. It wars an air of quiet
elegance, due, in a degree, to its being a handsome private mansion, enlarged and remodeled without losing
its beauty. Its entrance, hall, staircase and parlor are models of their kind; the dining-room commodious and
pleasant, the guests' chambers are delightful, with pretty outlooks and modern furniture; an excellent cuisine is
maintained, with good service. Miss Hasseltine, the proprietress, is well known to visitors to this city for a
score of years as a hospitable, capable manager, endeavoring to secure the comfort of every guest."

In 1899
the Tatler wrote about the Barcelona: "The Barcelona maintains its popularity with its old-time guests
and continues to receive additional new ones, who also become identified with the cosy family hostelry. Its
location, north of the Ponce de Leon, and amid the churches, makes it a quiet retreat. Its rooms, table and
service are equal to the desires of the most exacting patrons. The arrivals during the past week include: Mr.
and Mrs. Lawrence Poland, the gentleman being one of Cincinnati's distinguished lawyers, Mrs. Henry
Verhage, and Miss Clara Verhage, mother and sister to Mrs. Poland, who are of social prominence in
Cincinnati, O.; Mr. John Blachi, broker and banker, and his wife, and Mrs. Geo. Widmayer, of the Greater City,
who is of the Barcelona's favorite season's guests. Mr. and Mrs. Albert S. Brown. Worcester, Mass.; Mrs.
Edward S. Backus, Mrs. R. C. Leavitt, of Minneapolis, Minn.; W. H. Dorance, Camden, N. J.; Omer Metcalf,
Providence, R. I., and Miss Carrie E. Williams, of Detroit. Mr. Metcalf, and S. Fairwell, of the J. V. Farwell Co.,
of Chicago are to leave for their respective homes next week, thus ending a delightful season spent at the
Barcelona. Mr. and Mrs. Chas. W. Roberts left for their home in Morristown, N. J., on Wednesday, to the regret
of their friends.

Mr. E. N. Pearce, who has for the past several years been a most valuable aid to Miss Hasseltine, will return to
Asbury Park, N. J., at the end of the season."

In 1904  Miss A. N. Blair was the proprietor. R. E. Hasseltine was still in charge. The hotel accommodated 70
with rates from $2.00 to $2.50 per pad or $10.00 to $18.00 per week. It was open from November to May.
Located two blocks from the station it had all modern improvements with a good family table.

The hotel was razed in 1962.
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