Return to Freedmen's Bureau School
Bishop Payne to Rev. George Whipple
Ministerial Appointments in the Department of the South by the
African Methodist Episcopal Church
July 6, 1865

AMA 112226
Wilberforce University
Near Xenia O
July 6th 1865

Rev George Whipple

Dear Brother

It is just six days since I came home from the “
Department of the South” It was important that I should attend the annual
meeting of the Trustees of Wilberforce, and therefore I was constrained to leave the Steamer
Fulton at Fortress
Monroe, so as to make time; otherwise I would have come by way of New York, and reported to you in person.

I now state that we organized the South Carolina Conference on the 15th of May last, and after remaining in session
about 5 days, we stationed eleven missionaries at as many different points. namely at

Charleston City – Rev. Richard H. Bain
Charleston Circuit – Rev. Richard Vanderhorst
Georgetown Circuit – Rev. John Graham
Beaufort River Circuit Rev. Theophilus G. Stewart
Hilton Head Circuit – Rev. James H. A. Josnson
Edesto Island Circuit – Rev. Wm Bradwell

The above six are in the State of South Carolina. the following  three are in the State of Georgia via viz:
Savanah City Rev. Anthony L. Stanford
Ogeechee River Circuit William Bentley
Georgia State Mission – William Gaines

For the State of North Carolina we have appointed Rev. James A. Handy to Wilmington
Rev George W. Broudie to Raleigh

Those stationed at Charleston, Savannah, Beaufort, Hilton-Head, Wilmington, and Raleigh will require about $700 each
for support.

The others who are on Circuits which cover many plantations will need about $500 each for support.

Rev. R. H. Cain formerly of Brooklyn N. Y. is well known as an energetic and successful pastor, Rev Anthony L. Stanford
and Rev. George W. Broudie are both Northern men of fair English Education; excellent preachers, and upright ?

Bentley and Joines are natives of Georgia though not – regularly educated, they are intelligent men of sound judgment,
and unquestionable piety.

John Graham and Richard Vanderhart are natives of South Carolina, what are true of Bentley and Gaines are also of

If you can aid us in the support of these additional laborers, we shall be very thankful.

If I could have found men thoroughly educated, I should have preferred them provided their education was sustained by
a deep toned piety, guided by common sense. May the Omnipotent Head of the Church, say unto them what He said
unto Saint Paul, “My grace is sufficient for thee for my strength is made perfect in weakness.

I am dear brother, yours fraternally