Return to Freedmen's Bureau School
Bishop Payne to S. S. Jocelyn
Maryland Schools and Commission of Rev. Greely
April 29, 1864

AMA 16006
Washington, D. C. April 29, 1864

Rev. S. S. Jocelyn
Secretary of the American Missionary Association

Dear Brother:

Our Conference, that is the Baltimore Annual, considered the proposition you made them through me, and by a
unanimous vote agreed to accept it. And in order to aid you in the good work they have promised

a.        To furnish wherever it is possible a place for the establishment of a School to educate the freedmen of Maryland.

b.        To furnish wherever possible board for the teachers you may send.

Yours fraternally

P.S. We have commissioned Rev. Goran Greely to the Freedmen of Florida, and will be glad if your association will
commission his wife as a teacher to the same field. We are not able to commission her, or we would do it ourselves.

Note: Payne was the Bishop of the African Methodist Episcopal Church (Baltimore Conference). Rev. Greely was a white
minister from Maine, he and his wife would be located in St. Augustine and eventually move a group of Freedmen to