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St. Augustine Boarding Houses
Over Time
Boarding Houses over Time

Ezekiel Hudnall Boarding House - The Subscriber gives a notice that he has opened a Boarding House in St.
Augustine for their accommodation, and assures them that his exercions to render their situation comfortable, will be
unremitting. (August 27) (
Augusta Chronicle)

Huertas-Canova House - (Prince Morat House)

Mrs. Whitehursts
Mr. Wallens
Mr. Allen's
Mr. Heurick's
Mrs. Still's
Mrs. Campbell
Cottage-in the Grove
San Seget
Mr. Williams
Lieut Tuttle's
Mrs. Girty's
Mr. Wellen's
Mrs. Loring's
Mr. Gifford's
The Mansion House

Mrs. Reid
ran a boarding house.

Mrs. Dr. Anderson - a conspicuous house on the avenue leading over the bridge near the St. Sebastian River. It is
built of native coquina rock, and was unbosomed in a grove of young orange trees, of which the decaying stumps
and sickly shoots are all that remain, together with the hedge of Spanish bayonet, which enclosed it. These suffice to
designate "Markland," through shorn of its glory--which is partially supplied by a grove of olive trees now in bearing.

Yallaha - a neat cottage residence of P. B. Dunnas. It is the Indian word for orange. Yallaha is situated on the river
St. Sebastian, and is distinguished for the beauty and healthfulness of its position, and also for the delicious
strawberries which enrich its blushing gardens in the month of March. It is the purpose of the proprietor to erect on
his grounds commodious boarding establishments.

Mrs. M. Reid - On Charlotte Street, near the Barracks.

Miss Fatio - On St. George Street, a few doors South of the Court House and Public Square.

G. N. Papy - On Bay street, corner of Bay and Garden Lane.

Miss Fatio. On St. George Street, a few doors south of the Court House
and Public Square.

G. N. Papy. On Bay street, corner of Bay and Garden Lane.

St. Johns House
- Mary Stryscka - DeMasa-Sanchez House 43 St. George Street

Sarah Mather -
United States Army officers and wives

C L Ridgely - Corner of Treasury Lane

Mrs. Gardners.

Phillip J. Rayall - For Rent 2 Cottage Rooms, handsomly furnished. Corner of St. George & King Streets.

1869 - 1872 (Occupational Licenses)
Mrs. E. K. Foster
Cornelia Bravo
Mrs. Abbott
Mrs. Gardmen
Mrs. K. B. Gibbs
Miss Louisa Fatio
G W Walton
George S. Greeno

Boarding houses: Mrs. Abbot, Mrs. Fatio, Mrs. Gardner, Mrs. Bravo, Miss Dummitt. The charges were $15.00 to
20.00 per week. As a rule, the tables of the boarding houses are better kept than those of the hotels, Families can
rent houses by the month, and sometimes furnished rooms, and thus live much cheaper. Apply to B. E. Carr, J. L.
Phillips, or John Long.

Mrs. Abbott's
Mrs. Gardner's
Madam Fatio's
Mrs. Dummet's

Miss J. E. G. Stinson
- Private Boarding House, St. George Street, St. Augustine, Florida. House open at all

Miss J. E. G. Stinson - Private Boarding House, St. George Street.

Emanuel I. de Medicis'
boarding house. St. George St. south of Bridge opposite the Confederate Monument

From Bloomfield's Guide
- The following are private houses, whose terms you can better obtain on application in
person or by postal communication.

Miss Hazeltine (Hazeltine House), Mrs. J. V. Hernandez (Mrs. Hernandez's House), Colonel Tyler (Tyler's House) ,
Mrs. Winslow, Mrs. De. Medicis (De Medicis House), Mrs. Nelligan, Mrs. Frazier, Mrs. Edwards (Edward's House), Mr.
George Greeno, Mrs. Foster (Mrs. Foster's House), and Mrs. Byrnes; besides which there are two restaurants, and
numerous rooms and cottages, that can be rented by day, week, month, or season. (Patterson House)

J. J. Darling
- 11 furnished rooms over Florida Views and Curios on corner of Charlotte and Treasury Street

The Connecticut run by J. H. Dewell. This is located on Cedar street and in 1904 was listed as a hotel.

Edward's House  - John T. Edwards, Proprietor. On the Bay--The Edwards House is delightfully located and commands
a view of the bay, the ocean, the sea-wall and fort. From its verandas can be seen the waters as they break upon the
shores of Anastasia Island, and the roar of the ocean can be distinctly heard. The house is kept open in both winter and
summer and is one of the most popular in the city. [
Florida Times Union Feb 21, 1885 - Robbery at St. Augustine.
Thursday night a thief entered three rooms in the Edwards House at St. Augustine and robbed the inmates of about $75 in
cash and a diamond stud valued at about $100.]

Greeno House - George S. Greeno, Boarding-House, Marine Street - Mr Greeno is a native of Malone, New York. He
came to Florida in 1850, and for several years was engaged in the grocery trade in this city. He is now proprietor of the
Greeno House, situated on Marine Street, where he takes excellent care of between 30 to 40 guests at $5 to $10 per
week. Mr. Greeno has been Mayor of St. Augustine for three terms, and a member of the Legislature. The Greeno House
is well known and long established.

The Hernandez House - kept by Mrs. J. V. Hernandez is one of the most reasonably cheap and best-kept houses in St.
Augustine. It is situated on Charlotte Street, not far from the sea wall, near Treasury St., and has a first-class reputation. It
contains 21 rooms, and has a very large patronage. Mrs. Hernandez is of one of the old Spanish families, and is very
popular, not only in St. Augustine, but well known in Jacksonville and all Northern Florida as the proprietress of one of the
best kept houses in every particular in the state. On the 1899 Sanborn Maps it is listed as the Hernandez Hotel.(See

Monson House -  run by Captain A. V. Monson with 10 boarders in the house for $9 to $10 per week.

North City House, Charlotte Street House, Oak Knoll House,  Bravo Street House, Bay Street House,
Tolomato Street House, Ravenswood House
and Orange Street House - unknown

H. H. Neligan, Select Private Boarding-House.---The boarding establishment of Mr. Neligan, known as the St.
George House, has an eligible location on St. George Street, near Artillery Lane. The house is two stories in height, with
spacious balconies, contains eight finely appointed sleeping rooms, and is well furnished throughout. The house is open
during the winter season, and has a large patronage. The proprietor is a native of this city, and prior to the war was in the
dry goods business. During the war he was general distributing agent in the hospital.

Rolleston House - The Rolleston house was erected in 1882. The home is a three story wooden structure containing 40
rooms, well furnished and equipped in modern style. Rolleston House (Judson Scott & Edward C Parker, Proprietors)

Cleveland House - A. M. Blake Proprietor, St. George Street at Cuna.

Ingleside House - Mrs. H. Fraiser, St. George Street.

Hazeltine House - St. George Street opposite Magnolia Hotel, Mrs. R. H. Hazeltine proprietor.

Craddock House - 95 Bridge Street

Baya House - Emma C. Jouret proprietor, at Marine Street near Hypolita.

St. Albans House - St. George Street.

Philadelphia House - Tolomato St.

Seaside House - Hebren Taylor was the proprietor with Reginald Taylor as the clerk. Bridge St. near St. George.

Tyler House - Lewis Tyler Proprietor. Charles D. Tyler was clerk. Located at King and St. George

Hernandez House
This name recalls recollections of many pleasant seasons spent in this comfortable house during the past twenty
years. It is attractive as of yore; as it is near the Bay and Plaza, and not far from the old Fort, the house has a cosy
comfort pervading it and commends it to those seeking home-like quiet and rest. Mrs. Hernandez and her son devote
themselves to the care of their guests comfort and pleasure. (

Lorrillard Villa - St. George Street south of Cuna (1899) (1904)

The Neligan
- Mrs. H. Neligan, Proprietor. Accommodates 20. Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day. $8.00 to !0.00 per
week. A select family boarding house, located on South and George Streets, a few moments walk from the Plaza,
post office and all points of interest.

The Palmetto House - J. S. Bentley, Proprietor. It was open all year with rates $1.50 per day and special by the
week. It was near the City Gates and Fort.

The Teahen House
W. M. Teahen was the Proprietor. It was open all year with rates from $1.50 per day to $7.00 per week and up. It
accommodated 30. It was located at the corner of St. George and St. Francis Street. It raised its own vegetables for

The Hernandez House
The house had been open for 20 years. It was near the Bay, Plaza and not far from Fort Marion on Charlotte Street.
(It advertised that it was a 3 minute's walk north of plaza near old fort. In 1891 it was newly fitted out , comfortable
and homelike. Mrs. J. V. Hernandez and son (H. E. Hernandez as manager) were owners of the house. The rate was
$2.00 per day with special rates by the week or season.

162 Bay Street
Nicely furnished rooms. Fireplaces, south aspect. Convenient for light housekeeping.

Mrs. Tredwells
50 Treasury Street - private Board.

16 Marine Street
Furnished rooms - with or without board; modern improvements.

64 Abbott Street
66 Abbott Street
76 Abbott Street
13 Barnard Street
26 Bay Street
132 Bay Street
95 Bridge Street (Craddock's House)
98 Bridge Street
52 Carrera Street (Clarke's)
6 Charlotte Street
34 Charlotte Street
66 Charlotte Street
131 Cordova Street
25 Cordova Street
26 Cordova Street
119 Cordova Street
75 Cedar Street
83 Cedar Street
26 Garnett Avenue (Hernandez)

36 Grove Avenue
46 Grover Street (Master's)
22 Granada Street
62 Hypolita Street
21 Joiner (Myer's)
91 King Street
71 King's Ferryway
121 King's Ferryway
77 Lincoln Street
82 Lincoln Street
135 Marine Street
112 Moore Street
23 Myrtle Avenue
64 Oneida Street
75 Oneida Street
55 Orange Street (Skipper's)
62 Osceola
141 Palmo Street
25 Riberia Street
27 Riberia Street
69 Sanford Street
49 San Marco Avenue
67 San Marco Avenue
5 Saragossa Street
96 Stanford Street
93 St. Benedict Street
18 St. Georges (Manucy)
33 St. George Street
260 St. Georges (Neligan House)
53 Treasury Street (Hubbard's)
75 Washington
99 Washington Street
42 Water Street
80 Water Street (

Bay Street Cottage
- 46 Marine street. W. P. Oliver, proprietor. Rates $1.50 to $2.00 per day; special by the week.
A select boarding house with home comforts. Bath and sanitary plumbing. Northern and Southern cooking. Beautiful
view of bay from veranda. Rooms large and airy. Three minutes walk from post office and Ponce de Leon Hotel.
Accommodates twenty-five.

Campbell House - 50 Marine St. Open all year. Rates, $2.00 per day; special weekly. Centrally located, with fine
view of ocean. Home cooking a specialty. Perfect sanitary arrangements, with hot and cold baths free. Electric lights.
Accommodates thirty. Furnished flats for rent. J. T. Campbell, proprietor.

Craddock House - Mrs. E. West, proprietor. Accommodates fifty. Rates, $1.50 and $2.00 per day; special per week.
Open all the year. This is an excellent family hotel, situated convenient to the business portion of the city, as well as
to all points of interest. Wide verandas. Baths. Special attention given to the table and to the comfort of guests.

Dunham House - 131 Marine Street. Pleasantly located on the bay. Private board. Rates, $1.50 and $2.00 per day;
$7.00 to $12.00 per week. Perfect sanitary condition.
Mrs. D. L. Dunham.

The Neligan - Mrs. H. Neligan, proprietor. Accommodates twenty. Rates, $1.50 to $2.50 per day; special by the
week. A select family boarding house, located on South St. George street, a few minutes' walk from the plaza, post
office and all points of interest.

Palmeto House - Corner Spanish and Orange streets opposite the old fort and City Gates. $1.50 to $2.00 per day;
$7.00 to $10.00 per week. J. S. Bentley was the proprietor.

Resthaven - 14 Joiner Street. An ideal winter rest for all who desire the comforts of home without its care, with
cheerful surroundings and more quiet than is possible in a hotel. Adults only taken. The house is situated in an
old-fashioned tropical garden, has wide verandas and beautiful view. It has been renovated throughout, is fitted with
modern plumbing, has hot and cold baths, and all conveniences; large, sunny outside rooms, single or en suite;
filtered water for drinking, open fireplaces, wide halls and staircases. Nicely cooked and daintily served meals a
speciality. Cars from railroad station pass the corner of San Marco avenue, one-half block from door. Rates, $2.50
and up per day. Open from October 15th to June 1st. Also furnished apartments for rent.

Dunham House
131 Marine Street - Only operated in the winter season by owners Donald and Lillie Dunham.

Campbell House
- 50 Marine Street. Owned by John T. Campbell.

Dunham House Open
 (St. Augustine Evening Record, November 5, 1913) - After a thourough renovation, fresh
painting of exterior and interior and repapering the public and private rooms the Dunham House opened Saturday,
and as in the past will be managed by the owner,
Mrs. D. L. Dunham.  

A number of improvements have been made that will increase the hold that this popular hostelry has on winter

Mrs. Dunham conducts a large summer hotel at Waynesville, N. C., which also has under capable management won
a reputation for excellent service. Although the Dunham House has just opened several guests have already arrived
and secured accommodations for lengthy periods.

Bennett House
- on the Bay. Owned by Mrs. R. M. Bennett.

Vanaman Modern Rooming House
- 18 Granada Street

Bay State Cottage, W. P. Oliver; capacity, 15; rates - per day, $1.50 to $2.00; per week, special.

Bennett House, S. F. Bennett; capacity, 60; rates - per day, $2.00 to $3.00 per week, $15.00 to $20.00.

Campbell House - Jno. T. Campbell; capacity, 30; rates - per day, $2.00, per week, special.

Craddock House, Mrs. E. West; capacity, 40; rates - per day, $1.50 to $2.00 per week, special

Dunham House, Mrs. D. L. Dunham; capacity, 25; rates - per day, $1.50 to $2.00, per week $7.00 to $12.00

Neligan, Mrs. H. Nelligan; capacity, 20; rates - per day, $1.50 to $2.50, per week, special.

Palmetto; capacity, 50; rates - per day, $1.50 to $2.00, per week, $7.00 to $10.00

Villa Flora, Mrs. Alanson Wood; cottages furnished.

Sevilla Cottage
, 30 Sevilla Street and operated by Charles L. Walker. Mrs. C. L. Walker was later listed as the
Proprietor. In 1940 it was used as a Sunday School building for
Ancient City Baptist Church.
The Neligan House
260 St. George
The Palmetto House
80 Water Street
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,
Ximenez-Fatio House
By Francis Benjamin Johnson taken in 1937.
Library of Congress
King St
Huertas - Canova House (Prince Murat House) as a Coffee House
250 St. George Street
Francis Johnson Benjamin Photo 1938
Library of Congress
Villa Flora, St. Augustine, Fla.
William Henry Jackson, 1843-1942
Related Names: Detroit Publishing Co. , publisher
Date Created/Published: c1902.
Casa Amarylla
Wiley Hall
Emanuel I. de Medicis' boarding house - St. Augustine, Florida
State Archives of Florida, Florida Memory,
Florida Club
In picture: Jacob C. Kiser from West Leibertz, Ohio, G.H. Hartwell from
Southbridge, Massachusetts, R. Bertrand from Baton Rouge, Louisiana, Eloise de
Medicis, May de Medicis, and Lizzie de Medicis.
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