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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty for USCT Soldiers in Florida
Page 3
Freedmen Bureau Records
3rd Company A, E
21st Company A
33rd Company  D, G
34th Company B, D, F

Claimant: Josiah Armstrong, Robert Robertson, Isaac H. Jackson,  Lewis Forrester, Samuel Crafts, George Hadley,  Edmund Green, Moses Robertson,  
Henry Tolover,
Thomas Wallace,  Mary Bagley Mother of Richard Johns died, John Rick

Witnesses: C. Drew, W S Afithorp,  Samuel Spearing,  Henry Aikens, F. A. Docknay, Comelius Hadley,  R. F. Bailey, Henry McEntire, H L. Afithorp, James
Thomas Wallace,  Joseph Williamson

Note that this is the first page that a mother claims the money on her deceased son (Mary Bagley on Richard Johns 33rd D. Thomas Wallace was one of
the witnesses or identifiers. Joseph Williamson was the other witness. Notice that the line above a James Bagley is the witness for Thomas Wallace.
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