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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty for USCT Soldiers in Florida
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Freedmen Bureau Records
3rd USCT Company E, F, G
21 USCT Company I
33rd USCT Company A, B, D, G
34th USCT Company E

Claimant: George Washington,  Alexander Sayson, Jack Wright,  Samuel Perry, Alfred Maouul, Theodore Gibson,  
George W. Scott, David Hannlow,
Cato Baley,  David Hall

Witness: Reddick Evans, Robert Cooper, George Washington, Jackson Song, David Thomas,  Samuel Spearing, Henry
Freeman, Charles Parece, Edward Haywood,  James Solis, John Robinson, Jesse Turner, John C. Gambio, Henry Aikins,
Abraham Lancaster, Charles Pasin, Cato Baley  
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