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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty for USCT Soldiers in Florida
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Freedmen Bureau Records
Regiment 3 Companies B, C, F, G
Regiment 21 Companies A, C
Regiment 33 Companies F, G
Unknown lettering, Company E

Claiments: Henry Harley, Robert Patterson, Thomas Harris, Alexander F. Clark,  Edward Coleman, Simon Sanches,  John Jeffries, Baalam Barney,  Augustine
Darcey, James Hall,  James E. Mercer, William James,

Witness:  Charles Dorsey,  Richard Jones,  Charles Dorsey, Edward Purcell, Sellman Valentine,  James McDial,  George Hughes,  John Phillips, Henry Freeman,
Antonie Pappy, Charles H Sewall,  Joseph Ellis, Prince Samkin, Horace Holomes
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