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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty
for USCT Soldiers in Florida
Page 6
Freedmen Bureau Records
3rd E

21st Company A

33rd Company C, H, G,

Claimant:  Adam Robinson, Louis Fields, Issac Middleton,, Wm. H. Hall, Amos Atkinson, Pablo Rogers, Henry Hannahan, Antonio Pappy, William Nattile, Henry

Witness: James Lacy, Joe Perry, Jackson Song, Joseph Williams, Richard Hicks, Anthony Bram, Boston Bram, John Werrton, Glasgood Taylor, Ogaff Williams, D. M.
Hammond, Jas McDyer, Edw. Dickson, David Braham, Edw F Langley, Horace Holmes, Henry Aikins, Horrace Holmes, Benj. Mason, Benj Wright, , William Cox, Hogaff
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