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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty
for USCT Soldiers in Florida
Page 7
Freedmen Bureau Records
3rd USCT Companies A, B, E
33rd USCT Companies A, C, D, E, G
34th USCT Companies B
54th USCT, Company E

Claimants:  Thomas Hodges, George Hughes, Henry D. Lloyd, Joseph Stevens,  John Newton, Henry Stevens, Martin Dixon, Firly Vanhorn, Charles Vanness, Charles
Williams, Harry Tillman, Martin Thompson, Fontaine

Witnesses: Geo. Schoener,W. S. Ransom, A. A. Knight, John Werrton, Cray Williams Hennry, Freeman, Barrett D Lacey, Scipio Middleton, Samuel Roterts, Jaco
Rawles, Joseph Holden, Prince Albert, James Bagley, Anderson, Chas. Singleton, Samuel Roberts
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