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Freedmen's Bureau Register for Pay Arrears and Bounty for USCT Soldiers in Florida
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Freedmen Bureau Records
Sorry cannot read the last name.
Regiments listed:  
33rd USCT Companies G, H
 34th USCT Companies A, B, G
                       3rd  USCT Companies A, B - The 3rd was a Pennsylvania regiment of the USCT some stayed in Florida where they had been stationed:

Commanding Officer
Colonel Benjamin G. Tilghman

Organize at Camp William Penn in August, 1863, this regiment was attached to the Fourth Brigade, Tenth Corps, and was stationed at Morris Island, Charleston Harbor
S. C., at Hilton Head S. C., and in February, 1864, transferred to Vogdes’ Division, District of Florida 9. With this and other commands its subsequent service was
confined to the State of Florida. The "3rd" participated in the assaults on Forts Wagner and Gregg, and in operations at Charleston, S. C.; also in a series of expeditions
and actions in Florida. For a considerable period the regiment served as heavy artillery. The command was retained in the service for garrison duty at Jacksonville,
Fernandina and other points to October 21st, 1865, when it was mustered out.A

Note: You'll need to look carefully at the names in the documents. They are extremely difficult to read so this is my best job. If you find errors or better interpretations
please email me at glwilson _us Remember to reference the page.

Names of Claimant
Joshua James
Henry McEntyre
Symus Middleford
Anthomy Bram
Ishmael Saw
David Stetson
George Stansberry
Clarkson Wesly
Robert Fisher
Francis Solano
John Thomas
A? Deval

R. P. Fistrian
J B Johnson
Thomas S Eells
A. W. Da Costra
Tu B Dennett
Joshua S James
Thomas S. Eells
Andrew Mahoney
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