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The Buckingham Hotel
16 Granada St.
St. Augustine Florida
The Hotel Buckingham
The Hotel was built from the remodeled building that Dr Oliver Bronson commissioned for the Buckingham
Smith Association. It opened in 1895 for the first time. It was located on 16 Granada Street the renamed
Bronson Street across the street from the Alcazar Hotel. It was listed as a family hotel. Meals were served
from bills of fare. It's advertisement listed electric bells, baths, and open fireplaces. The rates were $2.50 per
Day and up with special weekly and monthly rates. The opening manager was George C. Howe. By 1899
Howe had expanded to Daytona with the Holly Inn  and  the Hybiscus at Palm Beach. He had also acquired
the Clarendon at Green Cove Springs.

In 1895
The Tatler reported: "Two new hotels have been added to the large list St. Augustine possesses.
The Hotel Buckingham, on Granada street, opposite the Alcazar, has about fifty guest rooms, of good size,
arranged on either side of broad corridors, with pleasant views from every window. The parlor and office
look out on the beautiful grounds of the Alcazar. The dining-room is a large, airy, light room, that will have
every modern first-class appointment. The sanitary arrangements are the very best obtainable. There is gas
all through the house. Mr. George S. Howe, who has leased the house and will furnish it with handsome
furniture and furnishings, has an excellent reputation as a landlord. During the past summer he had the large
hotel at Rouses Point, at the head of Lake Champlain, making a splendid record. He has been at the Florida
House for several seasons past, and has hosts of friends who will wish him success in his new venture."

Another 1895 article in
the Tatler stated: "The Hotel Buckingham is located on Granada street, opposite the
Alcazar, opened its doors to the public on Wednesday last for the first time, adding another to the number
dedicated within a stone's throw of the Ponce de Leon, standing in large grounds well drained, and with
extremely pleasant private and public rooms. The office, on the left of the entrance hall, is really part of it, and
a cheery, bright reception-room, the parlor opening from it is prettily furnished and with a fine southern
exposure. The broad hall extends to the dining-room, with cozy bedrooms on either side. The dining room is
very commodious, with a number of south windows and with all the appointments found in a first-class hotel.
The kitchen and serving-room are well arranged and allowing the best possible service. Meals will be served
from bills of fare. The private rooms are of varying size, many large and all prettily furnished, the beds and
furnishing perfectly new and well selected, making it a delightful home for visitors to the city."

In 1899
The Tatler said: "The Buckingham is one of the finest located family hotels in st. Augustine, standing
in beautiful grounds, directly opposite the Alcazar, with broad verandas and pleasant, sunny rooms. The
house is perfectly equipped with all modern appliances to secure the comfort of guests, including private
baths. Mr. Howe, the proprietor, has successfully managed the house since its first opening, it growing in
popularity each year. This season Mr. Howe has acquired the Holly Inn, at Daytona, and the Hybiscus, at
Palm Beach, and has appointed Mr. Wm. P. Kenny manager of The Buckingham. Mr. Kenny has been in
charge of the office of the Clarendon, at Green Cove Springs, for four seasons, and filled the same position
at the Columbus, Narragansett Pier, and at the Lincoln House, Swampscott, Mass., in summer. He is genial
and thoroughly versed in hotel affairs, insuring a successful season. Mr. Clarence B. Bartlett, chief clerk, also
comes from Narragansett Pier, where he has been clerk at the Arlington. The Buckingham has entertained a
number of guests this season, including Mr. and Mrs. W. W. Harrison, Miss Harrison, Minneapolis, Minn., Mr.
and Mrs. Wm. Advena, Mr. and Mrs. A. G. Rea, W. H. Skillman, H. S. Wallace, Philadelphia, Pa.; Mr and
Mrs. C. J. White, Kansas City, Mo; Mrs. Wm. Heckle, Miss Woods, Miss Mayhew, Boston; F. S. Polk,
Marlboro, Mass.; Dr. T. L. Patterson, Lexington; Frank Blay, Louisville, Ky; Mr. and Mrs. W. B. Wooster, Miss
Sylvia Pope, Ansonia, Conn.; Mr. and Mrs. J. J. Brady, Huntington, West Virginia; Albert Mott and family,
Baltimore, Md.; E. M. Waldron, Newark; W. T. McLaughlin, Chatham, N. J., and Miss Florella Estes, of
Dover, N. H."

In the early 1900s G. L. Bryant was the proprietor. It was open from January 1 to April 15th accommodating
75. The rates were $2.50 to $4.00 per day or $17.00 to $25.00 per week. It was located in a large garden of
roses and date palms facing the Alameda opposite Hotel Alcazar.

In 1903 the proprietor was Everett I. Mathewson who had a summer hotel of Mathewson House in
Narragansett Pier, R. I.  A frequent guest was writer James Branch Cabell.

In 1909 the Buckingham could accommodate seventy-five people. Rates were $2.50 and up per day. Rooms
were en suite with bath and it was open from December to April

January 1, 1910 Buckingham Opens.
Among the hotels opening with the New Year is the Buckingham on Granada street. A more delightful
hostelry would be difficult to find as the improvements recently made have placed the Buckingham on a par
with the luxurious hotels of this city. The house has been thoroughly renovated; the exterior and interior newly
decorated new furnishing throughout the entire house have been added and modern plumbing and private
baths installed, at a cost of several thousand dollars, making the house without exception one of the most
attractive and comfortable family hotels in Saint Augustine. The extensive grounds surrounding the house
have been made more attractive than ever by the addition of beautiful flower beds and tropical plants and
with the spacious verandas, make this hotel most inviting to all seeking rest and pleasure. The location of the
Buckingham is most desirable, being situated directly across from the well-known Ponce de Leon and
Alcazar hotels and fronting upon their famed tropical gardens.

Under the management of the Buckingham Hotel Co. this house has the promise of the most successful
season in its history.
The Tatler
1896 Standard Guide Ad