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Birth and Marriages
Samuel Buffington was born in 1815 in Milledgeville, Georgia. His first wife was Eliza Ann Bozeman. She was born
November 11, 1820 and died May 10, 1848. She had four children
John, Elizabeth, Sallie and Samuel. John died in
the Indian wars in 1856 or 57 in the Everglades fighting Billy Bowlegs. Samuel died in the Confederate army at the Battle
of Petersburg. His name is inscribed on the
Confederate Monument in St. Augustine.

His second wife was the sister of
Eliza Ann Sarah Frances (born December 25, 1825. She bore two children. She died
in 1856. in

Samuel Buffington moved his family from Georgia to Jacksonville where he opened the Buffington (Jacksonville) Hotel on
the corner of Adams and Newnan streets. The hotel was renovated by him with twenty more rooms allowing for one
hundred and fifty guests. The front was over five hundred feet with piazzas in the front and rear. The hotel burned in

Samuel Buffington  would become a Colonel in the Florida Militia. He owned seventeen slaves. He would be a planner in
the 1851 Cuba filibuster. His lodge Solomon's Lodge No. 20 would be part of the planning for this expedition. He was a
representative of Duval County in the Florida Legislature.

St. Augustine
In 1859 he moved to St. Augustine. He became the owner of the Magnolia Hotel. He was to old for service in the Civil
War but was either arrested by the U. S. Provost Marshal or expelled (from St. Augustine) suspected of being disloyal.

Captain Towie arrested Col Buffington the proprietor of the Magnolia House and Mr. Solana (a member of the Florida
Secession Convention were arrested on March 29, 1862. Both men were found in their homes. They were assigned a
room in the barracks and furniture and food were sent them by their families. Col. Bell, the United States Army
commander, felt that the naval officers were not supporting his decision to have Col Buffington arrested. The U. S. Naval
officers felt that Col. Buffington was a loyal citizen and that they were going to report this arrest to Northern

He died June 1, 1866 in Saint Augustine. He died without a will which would provide a great deal of confusion with the
case going to the Supreme Court of Florida.

Carrie Buffington  (3rd Wife)- Carrie was formerly Mrs. Carrie L. White before she was the third wife of Samuel
Buffington. They married November 3, 1864 in St. Johns County, Florida.  She was born about 1828 in NY and died
August 1882 in either Duval or St. Johns County, Florida.

John C. Buffington (1838 – July, 1871), his son,  was born in 1838 in Baldwin, Georgia. During the Civil War he was
First Lieutenant and Adjutant, Company D, Tenth Florida Infantry Regiment; Private, Company A, First Florida Special
Battalion (a/k/a Second Florida Infantry Battalion); Private, Jacksonville Light Infantry. Buffington received a promotion to
Regimental Adjutant with a rank of First Lieutenant.  He served through Second Cold Harbor, Petersburg, and
Appomattox, and was mustered out of service after Lee’s surrender. Returning to Florida, Buffington died in 1866 at the
age of 28. He is buried in the Buffington family plot at Old City Cemetery.

Mary Elizabeth Buffington McNelty (1840-1914) was a charter member of Martha Reid Chapter 19, UDC. She was
the wife of Capt. William T. McNelty (1835-1903) who belonged to the Confederate Navy and performed active service in
Charleston Harbor on the Steamer "
Etiwan". She married him in 1870. She had three children Samuel Buffington
McNelty (1873-1873), William T. McNelty (1871-1890), Henry McNelty (1875-1875).

Mrs. Salli Buffington Matthews married in 1868.
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