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Letter from Capt James Dickinson Requesting Teachers for the 21st U.S.C.T.
August 28, 1865

AMA Records
Headquarters Dist. of Port Royal,
Office Provost Marshal,
Hilton Head, S. C. Aug. 28th 1865

Mr. George W. Whipple
Sect of the Missionary Association
Johns St. N 9
New York

Mr. J. W. Alvord of Genl Howards' Staff has informed the Officers of the 21st U. S. C. T. that on application to you steps would be taken to furnish school
teachers to the Colored Regiments of this Department. I have taken advantage of the  information to write to you on the subject. I have a separate command
here of two companies of the 21 U. S. C. T. and they enjoy many facilities for the establishing of schools in the matter of good quarters, but unfortunately we
have no teachers. I am very anxious indeed to bring the ? ? ? forward, so that there military knowledge may not be entirely in advance of all other
information, equally important. The deep interest which I took in this subject would have led us to establish schools could I possibly have found time, but my
duties are too numerous and arduous to suffect this. In need two competent School teachers here at once. There are many advantages for them at this
place, and in their companies will probably remain at this place for six months, those who would undertake such duties would find it very agreeable indeed.

It it be possible to send two teachers here do me the favor to have the affair furthered as much as possible with the least possible delay.

And believe me Sir
Your most obdt servt.

J. W. Dickinson [Joseph W. Dickinson]
Capt. 21th USCI
and M. Prov Marshal
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