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Capt. O. L. B. Wall to Rev. Geo Whipple
General Saxton
December 11, 1865

AMA H5845

Office Sub Asst Com Bureau R. F. and A L
For Charleston S. C.
Dec 11 1865

Rev Geo Whipple
Sec AM Assoc
61 John St. N. Y. City

My Friends

I have heard it rumored here for a day or two that
Gen Saxton is to be relieved or ordered to some other department.
Whether this report be true or false I do not ? but there has been so much done at the request of South Carolina Ex
Rebs within the past four months we here are anxious all the time fearing that some appointment will be made to still
more embarrass the interests of the poor freed people. There is no doubt that all the late Rebs and all the Negro hating
union officers (and a majority of them are so) dislike Gen Saxton the reasons are obvious, because he unswervingly
true the Negro. I have known Gen Saxton intimately since last March and I believe truly that I never knew a man who was
more pure hearted, he tries to do duty fearlessly and in all of his intercourse with this people exhibits the spirit of a
Christian Patriot but not the spirit of the semi-Military time serving Politician if he errs at all it is on the side of mercy and
never in favor simpering Rebs as aristocratic flattery.

I know he has been displeased with the Policy of the President and orders of Gen. Howard so are as they effect the
former arrangements made with the Freed people now occupying the Sea Islands, how could he be otherwise when his
very house is at stake?

Mr. Whipple you have influence and in the name of hundreds of thousands of poor people but especially the Freed –
ones I ask you to use it to have Gen Saxton remain in this Dept. as he is But with more authority and with more means
given him by Congress and I will remain as ever your humble servant Capt. O. L. B. Wall
General Rufus Saxton
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