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Thomas W. Cardozo to Whiting
Cardozo's Early Appointments
in Charleston
April 11, 1865

AMA H5564
Charleston, S.C.
April 11, 1865

My dear Mr. Whiting –

As all money matters are to be addressed to you I forward you this note. I received $81 from you out of that I have spent
$45.00 for travelling expense here.

I have employed the following gentlemen. Mr. W H. Brileigh and A. H. Palmer at $20. per month each Miss Joanna
Weston, Sarah Miller and Antonia Barnel at $12 per month each. I need about $25 for repairs to the two buildings. This
will be refunded by the local Authorities as soon as they can get things a little more arranged. I need also about $25 for
incidentals. I will send a more substantial report by Mr Beecher I scratch this in haste as I had just heard that a mail
closes at 3 ½ ok It is now 3. Please forward the above amts. $150.00 as soon as possible

Yours truly
Thos W. Cardozo

P. S.
You may simply address me

Thos W. Cardozo
Charleston, S. C.

Note:  Thomas W. Cardozo (1838-1881) was born in Charleston, S. C., in 1838, the son of
Lydia Williams, a freeborn black woman and a Jewish journalist, Jacob Cardozo. He was the younger brother of Francis
Lewis Cardozo who would be the second principal of the Saxton School. He would later become the Secretary of
Education for the State of Mississippi.
Thos. W. Cardozo
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