Cartersville and Cartersville Methodist Church
St. Johns County, Florida
George W. Carter
His home originally was west of the Palatka highway near Cracker Swamp a short distance west of the County Line
Produce Stand. He built the house about 1865. He lived in San Mateo in 1864. The family later moved and established
the community of Carterville and he was at one time the postmaster. The Post Office was his home. His wife was Keziah
Grooms Carter.

Cartersville Methodist Church has Homecoming (The St. Augustine Record, May 4, 1958)
In Cartersville Methodist Church members, former members and families will gather today for the 35th annual
homecoming celebration. The church is located 12 miles south off U. S. Highway No. 1, near Pellicer Creek.

Rev. C. A. Craig will be the minister as the worship service, beginning at 11:00 a.m., opens the day of fellowship and

Other 300 celebrants will gather in the church yard at the noon hour to partake of a covered dish banquet prepared by
the ladies of the church.

The Cartersville church is affiliated with the First Methodist Church here and was organized in 1895.
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