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Catholic Land Claim Parish Petition
St. Augustine Florida
U. S. Congress 1848
This document is part of a collection of documents that constitute the 1848 land claims of the Catholic Church in St.
Augustine. It was printed by the U. S. Congress. The land claimed included the Barracks, Trinity church, Mission of
Nombre de Dios and the Cathedral. Because these were viewed as Royal properties the United States government
held title through the treaty. The eventual settlement gave the Catholic community the Cathedral. Bishop Verot much
later was able to purchase the Mission property.

This document operates like a census of the St. Augustine Catholic community. The President of the Wardens at this
time was John M. Fontaine with Pedro Benet, Francis P. Ferreira, Jose E. Pomar, Thomas Andrew, Antonia J. Noda.  
Index: John M. Fontane, Pedro Benet, Francis P. Ferreira, Jose E. Pomar, Thomas Andrew, Antonio J. Noda, Jose. S.
Sanchez, Manuel Crespo, Antonio Solana, F. Bridier, Isabella Marin, John Pallicier, Rophina B. R. Pallicer, Florentina
Pallicier, Florrene Pallicer, Ciliclono Pallicier, Cristobal Bravo, Venancio Sanchez, Henry thomas, Fred'k. Houghton,
Joseph P. Delespine, Alonzo A. Bravo, Rophina Pallicier, Manuela Bravo, Rosa Leonardy, A. B. M. Pacetty, Rosalia
Leodardy, C. P. Sanchez, Luciana Leonardy, M. H. Rogero, Jane Leonardy, Malana Papy, Jane N. Lacy, Virginia Papy,
Theodosia A. M. Leonardy, Mathias Papy, Laurean Munson, Ann Llanbias, Raphaela Usina, Barbara Llambias,
Genobeba Usina, Cha. Haagar, Catalina Solana, Florencia Haagar, Enlogia S. Rogero, Dominga Lopez, Josefa Papy,
Mary Solana, Ana Papy, Angelia Solana, Lasdila Reyes, Isaella Thynne, G. N. Ppay, Frances Solana, M. Papy, Mary R.
Solana, John Canovas, Jane Purvis, Antonio Canovas, Sarah Purvis, Antonia P. Marin, Lorenzo Purvis, Antonio
Canovas, Sarah Purvis, Antonia P. Marin, Lorenzo Purvis, rosalia Marin, Benansio Purvis, Geronima Solana, John
Rogero, Manuela Rogero, Jane Goff, Ramon Rogero, Francis Pallicier, Lauriana Ferreira, Thom. Pallicier, Gabriel
Pomar, Jane Hernandes, Mariana Pomar, Antonia Hernandes, Antonia Hernandes, Margarita Pomar, Mary Hernandes,
Maria Usina, Diego Hernandes, Maria Usina, Diego Hernandes, Jane Bugell, Diego Hernandes sen., Mary Andrew, Mary
N. Avice, Joseph Andrew, Caroline Avice, Petronilo Lopez, Alexander Avice, Malana Lopez, Beatrice Pallicier, Bartolome
Lopez, Merceul Zelhmbar, Vincente Pacetty, Mary Andrew, Betruna Pacetty, Honora Andrew, Mary Pacetty, Ildelfonso
Andrew, Mary Rogero, Mary Norris, Mary Canovas, Pedro Capella, Landreu Andrew, Catherine Capella, Antonio rogero,
Catherine Capella Jr., Anthony Pomar, Anastasio Capella, Mary Pomar, Hulia Capella, Antonio Lopez, Joseph Benet,
Juana Triye, Maria C. Benet, Francis Triye, Clara E. Hurlburt, Bartolo Pacetty jr., Antonio Hitchcock, Bartolo Pacetty
Sen, Estban Arnau, Francis Triye, Clara E. Hurlburt, Bartolo Pacetty jr., Antonio Hitchcock, Bartolo Pacetty sen.,
Esteban Arnau, Louisa Pacetty, Margarita D. Arnau, Rafaela Bayar, John Carreras, Jane Bayar, Francisco Carreras,
Dolores Bayar, Gasparito Carreras, M. Fermina Garey, Maria Carreras, Fecla I. Pacetty, Antonica Lorenso, Merced B.
Pacetty, Mary Manusy, Rosalia Reyes, Paula Ferreira, Foustina Pacetty, Joseph Lopez, Mary Ponce, Paul Arnau, Mary
Reyes, jr. Catherine Leonardy, Antonia Pallicer, Catharine Leonardy, jr., Celmentine Sabate, Roque Leonardy, Mary
Sabat, Sabina Leonardy, Antonia Sabate, John Leonardy, Marcella Sabate, Mary Lopez, Antonia Sabate, John
Leonardy, Marcella Sabate, Mary Lopez, Leonardes Palicier, Jane Lopez Sen, Anthony Palicier, Fernanda Oliveros,
Juana A. Andrew, Agraphina Cercopy, Margarita Pomar, Fredrica Cercopy, rafaela Goff, Clara Cercoply, Ana M. Goff,
Peter Copy, thomasine Hogan, Malina Hernandez, Manuel Andrew, Joseph Andreu, Gastina Andrew, Joseph Pacetty,
Francisca Andrew, Juana Benet, Juan Andrew, Rafael Benet, Geronimio Andrew, Francisca Gonzales, John Andrew,
Antonio Andreu, Bartolo Segui, Severina C. Andreu, Margarita Segui, James Hernandes, John Capo, Dominge J.
Hernandez, Mary Capo, Anna Hernandez, John Capo, Estanislada T. Benet, Benasia Capo, Maria C. Benet, Cloudia
Capo, Antonia Alvarez, Rafaela Cammel, Jacob Toras, Jane Cammel, Joseph Barbara, Catherine Cammel, Frances
Hernandez, Mary Pacetty, Demetrio Salas, Domingo Cercopy, Frances Salas, Antonia Manusy, Andres C. Pacetty, John
Segui, Catalina A. Pacetty, Jane Segui, Eml. J. Medicis, Jose Bayar, Josephine Medicis, Catalina Bayar, Juan S. Pacetty,
Juana Manusy, Petroniol R. Lopez, Magarita Martin, Mary I. Lopez, Juana Manusy Jr., Catalina Aguiar, Joseph Manusy
Jr., Eusebia Russell, Maria Manusy, Eudorah Nelson, Felix Manusy, Mary A. cooper, Manuel Manusy, victoria Cooper,
Diego Hernandez, F. Weedon, Juliana Hernandez, F. J. Weedon, Antonio Andreu, Wm. H. Weedon, Maria R. Andreu,
John M. Manusy, Antonio Lopez, Go. B. Weedon, Maria Lopez, Jas B. P. Haskins, Martina H. Pomar, Ann M. Hernandez,
Gabriel Capo sen., S. H. Williams, Margaret Capo, Jeremiah Hallisy, Jose Capo, Richard Dillon, Gabriel Capo jr. Dennis
Hallis6y, Malina Capo, D. John Dioye, Andres Pacetty, John Coloolee, Sally C. Mason, Ellen dillon, Maria T. C. Mason,
Francis Mone, Ann Mason, Zachariah J. Hogans, Elizabeth Smith, Jane Rany Linsey, Matilda Mason, thomas Mone,
Frances Lloyd, James Fagan, Joachim roman, Charles Summers,  Thos. H. Mone, Camila C. Sanchez, James Fagan,
Clara Gracesca, John Hallisy, rafela Papy, Sarah Fagan, Josefa Gue, Charles Byrne, Joseph Noda, Henry Hartley,
Felicia Y. Mitchell, Henry F. Hartley, Leocadia Gomez, Susannah Hartley, John A. Rose, Thomas Dowden, Mary B. Rose,
John M. Bowden, S. P. Anderson, Mary Ann Bowden, M. W. Beard, Mary Z. Hogans, William P. Haskins, John M. J.
Bowden, M. A. Haskins
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