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Notes and Memorandum by Petitioners
St. Augustine Parish
St. Augustine Florida
These notes were sent with the petitions to the U. S. Congress for either return of property or compensation for lost
property. View this document with a critical eye recognizing that its purpose was to get land or money. The land in
dispute concerns the St. Augustine cathedral, the Bishop's house lot, the St. Francis Barracks and the Shrine of the
Lady of Leche. These lands were considered crown properties in the transfer of power between Spain and the United
States with the confusion in the titles to the property from the British period. The most interesting title question was from
the Bishops lot which had already become Trinity Episcopal Church.
Index Terms: Don Juan Jose Eligio de la Puente, Count de Recha, Jose Fish, Rev. Thomas Hassett, Topoqui,
Mission of St. Helena, St. Francis, Father Francis Marron, St. Christopher of Havanna, Father Peter Ruis, Father
Bernardo Salva, John Lee Williams, Bishop D. Pedro Augustin Morel de la Crus, D. Juan Cresostom de Acosta, Friar
Trocomes, Friar Juan, McIntosh War, Father Narriso, D. Miguel Crosby, Friar Miguel Wallis, Friar McAfry Catalan,
Ramon de la Crus, Mr. Capo, Mrs. Raphaela Ortegas, Antonio Capo, Yamasees, D. John Jose Eligio de la Puente,
John Gordon, Villalonga, Anastasio Mabrumatez, Bowles, Anastasio Mabrumatez, William G. Davis,
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