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Certificate of Disability for Discharge
Private Joseph Cryer
May 21, 1863
National Archives - Pension Records
This document is a United States Certificate of Disability for Discharge issued on May 21, 1865 for Private Joseph Cryer 33rd USCT Company A signed by Brig General
Rufus Saxton. The other important signatures on this document are Captain Charles T. Trowbridge who was the first commander of an African-American unit dating from
May 1862 and Dr. Seth Rogers the regimental surgeon. The document states that Joseph Cryer was enlisted by
Lieut Col Liberty Billings in St. Augustine of January 15,
1863 for a period of 3 years. He was born in St. Marys, Georgia, was 45,5'3" with dark complexion, black eyes and curly hair. He was a porter when enlisted. He was
stationed at the Brickyard Picket Station on Port Royal Island. He had been examined by Dr. Seth Rogers and found unfit.
Lieut Col. Charles T. Trowbridge
General Rufus B. Saxton
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