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Charlotte A. Crafts to Mrs. Edna D. Cheney
Muirkirk Md
May 31, 1866

The Freedmen's Record
Muirkirk Md
May 31, 1866

Mrs. Edna D. Cheney

Dear Madam - We have often endeavored to teach Irish servants in our own family, but seldom with much success, as
their patience would give out by the time they had learned to spell dog and cat. Now our class of adults are eager to
learn, and one colored man over sixty, who only knew his letters the first evening, could read his easy words the
second evening. Another, about the same age, to whom I gave a lesson for the next class evening, said to me after I
was through with the others. "Please, madam, will you tell me these two words?" I found he had learned his whole
lesson except those two words. I hope I may succeed in developing these untutored minds.

Very Truly Yours,
C. A. Crafts


1. Charlotte A. Crafts
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