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Circular of the Special Examination Division
for Scipio Miller 33rd USCT
by Paul Anderson
March 10, 1903
Pension Records

Department of the Interior,
Bureau of Pensions,
Washington, D. C., Mch. 10, 1903.

Special Examination Division.
Orig. No 616,984
Claimant Widow
Soldier S. Miller
Co. G 33 Reg't U.S.C. Inf.
Enlisted Nov., 1862
Discharged Jan., 1866

Mr. Henry Harker
Fernandina, Fla.


To aid this Bureau in the settlement of the above-described claim for pension, you are requested to answer the questions noted below.

You will please fill out, sign, and
return this circular, even though you do not remember the soldier or that he was wounded, disabled, or diseased in
the service.

Very respectfully,
E. J. Ware


Q. Do you remember the soldier, Scipio Miller as a member of your company?

Ans. Yes I do.

Q. Do you remember that he suffered with any wound, injury, or disease while in service?

Ans. It have been so long that I do not

Q. If you do remember any such wound, injury, or disease, state the nature of same.

Ans. Remember more disease or wound we was service but I meat him Jacksonville a few years and he was very lame

(Signature:) Paul Anderson
(address) E. Monroe St 1552
Jacksonville Fla

1. Circular looking for medical information on a widow's pension?

2. Lame but no reason.
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