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Freedmen Bureau Schools
Circular Letter for Georgia Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen & Abandoned Lands
Georgia Bureau Superintendent of Education E. A. Ware
September 1, 1868

Freedmen Bureau Records
Bureau of Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands,
Office Superintendent of Education, State of
Atlanta, Georgia, September 1st, 1868

(Circular Letter)

Agents of the Bureau will please make as soon as possible, full and definite reports concerning school matters in their several districts, as follows.

Report every place, naming county to, where, with a little aid, a school of forty or more pupils can be maintained.

Report what house can be had for school, whether church or school house, or, whether a room can be rented, giving size and condition of room, rent &

If there is no house suitable for school, report whether a lot can be accrued deeded to Trustees for public school purposes simply, provided the Bureau
will aid in erecting a house. In such cases, state the number of pupils to be provided for, the estimated cost of building, and how much the people will do
toward it.

Report whether comfortable boarding places for lady teachers can be secured in these places. State whether suitable local teachers can be accrued,
and if so, request each to fill one of the enclosed blanks (seeing that it is fairly done, and signing the certificate at the bottom) and forward it to this

An appropriation for the payment of teachers has been promised by the General agent of the Peabody Trustees. This money will be distributed with a
view to aiding the greatest number and, also to securing the greatest co-operation by the people, in the following way: In each place where a school can
be had, the Agent will organize, if there is not one already, a School Board, whose duty it shall be to raise money from the people for the support of the
school. This Board must pledge itself to pay a certain monthly sum, toward the school. I will then pledge myself to pay a certain sum, varying to ?
circumstances, probably not more than ten dollars per month. This will be paid when I am certified by the teacher that the Board has paid its share, and
not before. No tuition must be taken from the pupils, but the school must be free to all between the ages of six and twenty.

The above information is not asked, nor is the proposition to and from the Peabody Fund made concerning places where schools were established by
Northern societies last year.

Much of the information required above has been given in reports during the year; but it is often indefinite. A separate report is now desired of each
case. Send these reports to this office direct.

I have a small supply of primers for needy schools. Applications for books should name the place, the teacher's name, and the number of his pupils.

The regular monthly school reports will for the present, be made as directed in a former Circular, which is enclosed,. Promptness in making these
reports is desired.

The Educational work of this Bureau is of the very greatest importance, and it is expected that agents will do all in their power to create an interest
among the people in organizing and supporting schools. There should be, at least, twenty thousand pupils in school during the next year.

E. A. Ware,
Superintendent of Education, State of Ga., Bureau R. F. & A. L.

This circular letter is about the expansion of schools that E. A. Ware is attempting in

1. Note that there is no tuition for schooling. Some places chose this option to insure that they had funding.

2. The
Peabody Fund

3. Society schools were exempt from this circular. This was only for Bureau created schools.
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