Return to New Freedom and World
War I

Return to St. Johns County Roads
Beginnings of the County Road System
in St. Johns County Florida
June 9, 1917

St. Augustine Evening Record
Index: St. Johns County, Florida, Dixie Highway, Charles L. Lyon, Arthur St. George Joyce, St. Johns River, Green Cove Springs, Clay County, A. W. Corbett, J.
H. Brough, Farmers' Union, Elkton, W. H. Scoville, Philip Solano, St. Augustine-Tocoi road, Frank J. Parker, Old King's Road, Pellicer Creek, Armstrong Station,
Mill Creek, Switzerland, Mill Creek, Hastings, O. J. Olmstead, J. C. Halsema Company, Penisular Naval Stores Company, Cummer Lumber Company, F. N. Holmes,
F. W. Kirtland, C. L. Lyon, G. B. Lamar,W. Erwin, Bert Case, J. A. Gladney, G. B. Lamar, O. J. Olmstead, C. L. Lyon, Durbin, Anastasia Island, Federal Point, St.
Augustine Evening Record
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