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C Thurston Chase Superintendent of Education (Florida) to Rev. J. W. Alvord
Supplemental School Report
July 12, 1867
Freedmen Bureau Records

Bureau Refugees, Freedmen and Abandoned Lands
Office Supt. Education

Jacksonville, Fla July 12th, 1867

Rev. J. W. Alvord
Gen Supt. Schools
Washington, D. C.

Dear Sir:

Enclosed please find Supplemental School Report containing information this day recd. in response to circular & c.
There still other schools to hear from.

I hand you also an Outline of "Constitution & Bylaws" for a School Society under which organizations are not
being extensively formed. It is only the basis of our Northern Common School System in a volunteer, rather than
legal (& get it in legal) form. The directives as to "How to Get a School" are also commanded to your attention. I
trust these will suit you. Please notice also plan of organization &c as set forth in my report for June.

Col. Sprague has been absent 2 wks. returned today. I submit to him propositions for the erection of school
houses to accommodate more pupils than are reported attending school in the State and many more wanted. I
wish you would persist in your call for reports for March & May so that I may ultimately get some of the
documents belonging to this office from the late incumbent.

Cordially yrs
C. Thurston Chase
Supt Education

1. Rev. J. W. Alvord was the General Superintendent of Schools for all the Freedmen Bureau schools. C.
Thurston Chase as Flordia Superintendent of Education for Freedmen Bureau schools would report to him (and to
the Assistant Commissioner for Florida).

2.    C. Thurston Chase (Cornelius Thurston Chase - 1819 - 1870) - Also like Alvord a minister would become  
the first State of Florida Superintendent of Public Instruction appointed by the governor, Harrison Reed in 1869.  
He served in this position until his death in 1870. By 1870 he had 200 schools in operation in the State of Florida
with 7,500 students.
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