Volusia County, Florida
Florida East Coast Railway
The city was founded in 1870 by Mathias Day of Mansfield, Ohio who named it Tomoka. In 1871 Thomas Saunders
renamed it Daytona.

Handbook of Florida (Norton, 1890)
Population, 1,700 -- Lat. 290 10' N. -- Long. 81 degrees W.
Hotels -- Ocean House, $2.50 to $3 a day. -- Palmetto Hotel, $2 to $2.50 a day.
Railroads and Steamboats. -- St. John and Halifax River Railway, to Palatka. Steamboats to Lagoon landings, Titusville,
and Rockledge.
From Palatka to Daytona is 57 miles (3 hours 25 minutes). The general direction of the railroad is southeast, passing
from Putnam to St. John's County at Yelvington, crossing the latter and entering Volusia County a mile south of Bulow.
After crossing the bridge at Palatka the famous Hart orange grove may be seen to the south of the track. Leaving the
hammocks and rolling pine lands that border the St. John's River, the country becomes low and the track runs for miles
across the head of a great cypress swamp that extends far down into Volusia County.

The town of Daytona stretches for two miles along the west bank of Halifax River, a salt water lagoon about three-fourths
of a mile wide. It has streets pleasantly shaded with live oaks and palmettos, including unusually fine specimens of both.
The hammock ridge on which the town stands averages two miles wide and extends for 60 miles down the coast. It is
covered with a dense growth of hard wood, including wild orange-trees, many of which have been grafted and brought
under cultivation. Among the notable groves of the vicinity are the Higby, Blake, wilder, and Handy groves, the last
named being a young grove while the others are largely grafted on wild stock. To Holly Hill, three miles north of Daytona,
is a good road bordered with palms, and, for the greater part of the distance, within sight of the water.

Florida Beauties of the East Coast by Joseph Richardson, General Passenger Agent for the Jacksonville, St.
Augustine and Indian River Railway, 1892
The "Fountain City" stands on a ridge of high hammock on the west bank of the Halifax River, 12 miles from the inlet, its
location leaving nothing to be desired. The river front is most charming; a clean shore, hard bottom, free from mud or
grass, and a depth of water sufficient for all practical purposes, are among the natural advantages that at once present
themselves to the eye of the visitor. Along the ridge, on the highest land, is Ridgewood Avenue, a beautiful driveway
paved with marl and shaded by a native growth of forest trees; northerly, this avenue continues to Holly Hill, three miles,
and to Ormond, six miles.

On the peninsula across the Halifax is Silver Beach, named from the shining strip of sand which borders the river; here
are several elegant cottages, and the place is remarkable for the beauty of its grounds. A wind-break of oleander trees
shelters from the west wind, and artesian wells furnish abundant irrigation. In front are green lawns, massive oaks and
graceful palmettos, and in the rear of the cottages --- sheltered from the ocean winds by a dense hammock --- are
orange groves and rose gardens.

Standard Guide 1897
Daytona, twenty miles to south of Ormond, occupies an elevated hammock site on a circling arm of the Halifax, whence it
looks out upon a bay of singular beauty. The natural attractions are many---a clean, hard river shore, shady drives amid
oaks and palmettos, and on the ocean side of the peninsula the well-named Silver Beach. Daytona is the chosen winter
residence of many wealthy families from the North, who have built here the luxurious homes which give to the village its
dominant air.

Daytona (Tatler, 1899)
Daytona lying as does its sister city, on both sides of the broad river, with unrivaled shell roads, handsome cottages and
superior facilities for sailing, fishing and cycling, standing amid massive oaks, beautiful palms, orange groves and rose
gardens, where the queen of flowers holds court all the year, and oleanders become trees, their brilliant blossom of red
and white a picture to see. A short distance further south, on another arm of the sea--for in reality that is what these
rivers are, with tide and salt water-- called the Hillsborough river, the first of three in the State, bearing the same name,

1891  (From Snow to Sun Florida Winter Pleasure Tours Pennsylvania Railroad)
57 miles from Palatka, via Jacksonville, St. Augustine and Halifax River Railway
or Day Line Steamer on St. John's River.

The run from Palatka is in a southeasterly direction and through the famous Hart orange grove, over hummocks, ridges,
and rolling pine lands, and down into the cypress swamps of Volusia County. The town is built for about two miles along
the west bank of the Halifax Riv^er, its streets shaded with live oaks and stately palmettos. The ride from Palatka to this
point is so varied one gets possibly a better idea of the remarkable changes from highland to low, and the necessary
variation in vegetation, than in any other similar ride in the State.

Fountain City Hotel . . $2.50 per day.
Ocean View House,  $2.50 to $3.00 per day
Grand View Hotel . . . $1.30 per day.
Halifax House $2.00 per day.
Palmetto Hotel, $2.00 to $2.50 per day.

1899 (Pennsylvania Railroad Tours to Florida 1899)
51 miles from Palatka, via Florida East Coast Railway.

This town is built for about two miles along the west bank of the Halifax River. Its streets are shaded with live oaks and
stately palmettos. Steamboats connect at this point for the Hillsborough and Indian Rivers.

Fountain City Hotel.
Palmetto Hotel.
Holly Inn.
The Ridgewood.

(Waugh's Blue Book of Leading Hotels and Resorts of the World by W. W. Waugh & Son)

This resort was founded by Mathias Day of Mansfield, Ohio, in 1870, and gave it the name of Tomoko, but a year later
Thomas Saunders, the noted landscape gardener of Washington, named it Daytona. It is five miles south of Ormond,
and has a very picturesque situation on an elevated hammock-site, on a circling arm of the Halifax River, from which it
has a fine view of the Ormond-Daytona beach. The town lies parallel with the river, and extends nearly two miles along
the shore. Visitors fond of fishing and boating have much pleasure, for the sports are well indulged in. The wide streets
with their high and large trees, which overshadow the roads, are among the most beautiful in the country.

This resort is on the Florida East Coast system of railroads, 74 miles from St. Augustine, 110 miles from Jacksonville.
THE COLONADES (Seabreeze), A. W. Plumb, Manager.

Cement Walks Compulsory. (Daytona News Gazette, September 28, 1907)
City Council enacts an Ordinance Requiring Permanent Walks on Beach Street.
At the regular meeting Monday evening the City Council passed on third and final reading an ordinance requiring
cement sidewalks to be laid along the west side of Beach street. From Bay street south to the north line of the Mary E.
Wilder property the walks shall be nine feet wide at all other parts of the street. The ordinance prescribes that walks
shall be commenced within thirty days and pushed to a speedy completion, or the respective property owners may notify
the city to build the walks and tax the cost against the abutting property. Property owners who elect to have the city lay
the walks have three years in which to pay the cost, but must pay 8 per cent interest.

The ordinance providing for marling First avenue was not acted upon.

J. N. Roberts sent in his resignation as sanitary inspector, but his successor was not appointed, the matter being
referred to the sanitary committee for a recommendation. John Myers and M. H. Zuber are both candidates for the office.

The matter of leasing the upper part of the city hall to the telephone company was brought up but no action was taken
for the reason that the company had submitted no proposition in writing.

The matters mentioned and other minor business kept the council in session until nearly midnight.

Florida East Coast Homeseeker (1908)
George H. Munroe who owns one of the largest orange-groves in the vicinity of Daytona, estimates his crop this year at
6,000 boxes.

The orange crop in the vicinity in the vicinity of Daytona is a good one this year, and the real Halifax river oranges will be
in evidence in the Northern markets.

Plans are now on foot to drain the land west of the railroad, from Holly Hills to the Blake canal, a tract containing some of
the richest hammock land in the State of Florida. The Daytona fruit and truck growers' association took the matter up at
a meeting held last week and P. J. Hawley and other members of the association are now interviewing landowners. The
draining of this land will be done under a law authorizing the county commissioners to issue bonds for the work, and
then levy assessments on those benefited, running from one to six years to cover the cost.

Where to Stay in Daytona 1909
The Austin
-- W. W. Austin, proprietor. Rates, $2.50 and up per day; special by the week. Located on the river front;
rooms arranged single or en suite, with hot and cold running water in each room. A new and up-to-date sixty-room
house with steam heat and electric lights.

The Bennett -- A. H. & E. Lane, proprietors. Accommodates eighty-five. Open December to May,. New house, furnace
heat, hot and cold running water and private bath if desired. Beautifully located on Ridgewood avenue. Rates, $2.50
and up per day.

City Hotel -- George H. Matthews, proprietor. Open all the year. Accommodates twenty. Rates, $2.50 and up per day.
Every home comfort.

Despland -- A new hotel, with all modern improvements. Accommodates 200. Open November to May. Patronized by a
select class of guests who appreciate its comforts and well-known cuisine. Rooms en suite, with or without private bath.
Rates, $3.00 and up per day. L. M. Waite, proprietor.l

Osborne House -- Mrs. A. Osborne, proprietor. Rooms only. A small, modern and up-to-date hotel, located on Orange
avenue near to river and post office. Rates, from 50 cents to $1.00 per day; $2.50 to $5.00 per week. Open all the year.
Rooms heated by hot water system.

The Fairview -- Private house with pleasant surroundings, select table, electric lights, bath, etc. Single and double
rooms. Rates, $10.00 to $12.00 per week. Miss N. L. Lynch, 132 Fairview avenue.

The Gables -- S. H. Moseley, proprietor. Accommodates thirty. Electric lights, baths and all modern improvements.
Rates, $2.00 per day; $8.00 to $12.00 per week.

The Grand Atlantic -- James H. Johnson & Sons, proprietors. Open December to May. Accommodates 200. Rates,
$2.50 and up per day; special by the week and month. A first-class family house, well established; newly repaired and
refurnished; pleasantly located on the Halifax river, with private pier where launches can be chartered for fishing or
pleasure. Large dining rooms overlooking the river. Sun parlor and all modern conveniences. Northern white help.
Steam heat.

The Hamilton -- S. M. Mabbette, proprietor. 112 South Palmetto street New and first-class hotel in all respects. Will
open its first season December 1st, 1909. Rooms single or en suite, with or without private bath. Steam heat. Cuisine
unsurpassed. Rates, $2.00 and up per day; $12.50 and up per week; special by month or season.

The Howard -- Jno. C. Howard, proprietor. On Volusia avenue, one block from the Halifax river. All modern
conveniences and everything first class. Accommodates fifty. First-class table board. Rates, $2.00 and up per day.

The Islington -- An elegantly appointed, small hotel, two blocks from the depot, on Ridgewood avenue and in the best
residence section of Daytona. Steam heat, electric lights and all modern improvements; large verandas, lawns and
shade trees. Rates, $2.50 and up per day; weekly rates. Mrs. J. B. Parkinson, owner and proprietor.

Ivy Lane Inn -- Mrs. Foltz, proprietor. An elegant home with all modern conveniences and comforts. Rates, $2.50 to
$3.50 per day.

The Lyndhurst -- Second avenue, near Beach street. Accommodates forty. New house, nicely furnished, steam heated
thoughout, electric lights, baths. Rooms single or en suite. Southern exposure with wide verandas. Rates, $2.50 and up
per day; $11.00 to $15.00 per week. R. W. & J. H. Ball, proprietors.

The Magnolia -- Mrs. E. L. Shear, proprietor. Rates, $2.50 and up per day; $12.50 and up per week. Under the
personal management of the proprietor and specially adapted to the comfort of first-class tourists.

The Myrtle -- Mrs. Chas. Kost, proprietor. Open October to June. A nice, new house with modern conveniences and
centrally located. Rates $1.50 and up per day; $10.00 per week. Accommodations for thirty-five.

The Oaks -- S. Lund, proprietor. Open November 1st to May 1st. Accommodates seventy-five. Rates reasonable. All
modern improvements. Electric lights and furnace heat. Centrally located on Ridgeway avenue, two blocks from depot.
$2.00 and up per day; $9.00 and up per week.

The Palmetto -- C. O. Chamberlin, proprietor. Accommodations for 100; $3.00 per day; special rates by the week. A
first-class family hotel situated on South Beach street, overlooking the Halifax river. Rooms en suite, with or without bath.
Electric lights, sun parlor, Northern cooking and service. Carriage meets all trains.

The Parkinson House --  Mrs. Montana S. Ludow, owner and manager. Accommodates forty-five. Corner of
Ridgewood and Magnolia, two of the most beautiful avenues in the South; in the heart of the best residence portion of
the city. One block from churches, two blocks from post office and business houses. This house is new, has large,
nicely-furnished rooms, well lighted and heated and a southern exposure; electric lights, sanitary plumbing, hot and cold
baths, and all modern conveniences. Rates, $2.50 to $3.00 per day; $12.00 to $20.00 per week.

The Pines -- M. I. O. Hinsky, proprietor. A new house; located on South Ridgewood avenue. Rates, $2.00 and up per
day; special by the week or month. Electric lights, hot and cold baths, furnace heat, wide verandas, roof garden, croquet
grounds, rooms single or en suite. Private baths if desired. Accommodates fifty.

The Prospect -- P. J. Doyle, proprietor. South Ridgewood avenue. A new hotel; hot and cold sulphur baths on each
floor; rooms single or en suite, with or without private bath; steam heat throughout; centrally located; two blocks from
railroad station and post office; two garages on the premises. Rates, $2.00 and up per day.

The Ridgewood -- E. D. Langworthy, proprietor. Open December 15th to May 1st. Accommodates 150. Rates, $3.00
and up per day; special by week or month. An attractive house with a bright, airy office, pleasant sleeping rooms in a
perfect sanitary condition. A pleasant feature of "The Ridgewood" is the solarium, built on the southeast corner of the
house and entirely enclosed in glass. Another attraction is the roof garden, situated in the center of the house and one
story higher than the main part, where a grand view of the surrounding country and the ocean is secured. Hot and cold
sulphur baths on each floor. Rooms single or en suite, with or without private bath. Steam heat throughout.

Riverside Inn -- E. E. Durkee, proprietor. Accommodates thirty. Open for guests December 15th to May 1st. Rates,
$1.50 to $2.00 per day. Special by the week. Newly furnished. Electric lights and Northern white help.

Saratoga Inn -- John J. Maguire, proprietor. comfortable, home-like. $2.50 and up per day.

Schmidt's Hotel -- Beautifully located on the Halifax river one mile from ocean beach. House entirely remodeled and
enlarged. Elegant rooms with sunny southern exposure. Dining room seats 100; competent chef; table supplied with the
best the market affords. Located three blocks north of railway station and convenient to post office, churches and
business houses. Rates, $3.00 per day; $15.00 to $18.00 by the week. Henry Schmidt & Son, proprietors.

Stanley House -- S. H. Moseley, proprietor. Operated in connection with "The Gables." Rates, $1.50 per day; $8.00
and $20.00 per week. See "The Gables" for further description.

The Stillman -- Dwight R. Stillman, proprietor. Beautifully located on the Halifax river. Two minutes' walk from the post
office and principal stores. Accommodates seventy-five. Modern improvements. Northern help and cooking. Open
December 1st to May 1st Rates, $2.00 and up.

The Tourist -- 216 Palmetto avenue. Captain S. Bennett, proprietor; D. H. Bennett, manager. Open December to May.
New house, with all modern improvements. Northern white help. Rates, $2.00 per day; special by week.

Troy House -- Mrs. Mary Troy, proprietor. Open October 1st to May 15th. Accommodates fifty. Rates, $2.00 and up per
day; $7.00 to $10.00 per week. Located one block from depot and post office.

The Western -- First avenue near Beach street. Accommodates thirty-six. J. C. Rainsford, proprietor. Rates, $7.00 to
$10.00 per week.

Wayside Inn -- Myrtle avenue. W. W. Abercrombie, proprietor. New house; centrally located; modern improvements.
Rates reasonable.

The Willmer -- 312 South Palmetto. W. C. Branch, proprietor. One block to river; two blocks to theatres and bank; three
blocks to post office. Home cooking; cleanliness and quality; electric lights, baths, roses, bananas, etc. Satisfaction
guaranteed. Rates, $1.50 to $2.00 per day; $8.00 and up per week. Accommodates thirty.

The Brown Cottages -- J. G. Brown, owner. On Ridgewood avenue. For rent, completely furnished, for $300.00 to
$400.00 from November to May. Each cottage consists of sitting room with fireplace, bedroom, dining room, kitchen, fully
equipped bathroom, and extensive verandas on first floor; three chambers with large closets on second floor;
storeroom, auto garage and bearing orange trees in the back yard.

Furnished Apartments--Edmund Miller. Southwest corner of Cedar and Palmetto streets. One room, two rooms or
three rooms furnished for light housekeeping. Rates by the season, $60.00 and up. Modern conveniences and electric
lights. Address in summer, from May 1st to November 1st, Rochester, Ill.

Where to Stay in Daytona 1912
The Austin
, H. H. Manwiller; capacity, 100; rates per day $2.50 up, per week, special.

Bennett House, A. H. & E. Lane; capacity 85; rates per day, $2.50 up, per week, special.

Brown Cottages, J. G. Brown; for rent, furnished

City Hotel, J. C. D. Dohn; capacity 20; rates - per day, $2.50 up, per week, special.

The Cedars, Mrs. Wm. Jackson; capacity, 30; rates, per day $2.00, per week, $10.00

The Cleveland, Mrs. Sarah Austin; capacity, 20; rates per day, $2.00, per week, $10.00.

Deepland, L. M. Waite; capacity 200; rates -- per day, $3.00 up, per week, special.

Fairview, Miss N. L. Lynch; capacity, 25; rates -- per week, $10.00 to $12.00

The Gables, S. H. Moseley; capacity, 30; rates per day, $2.00 per week, $8.00 to $12.00.

The Glenn, Mrs. Glenn; capacity 30; rates-per day, $1.50 to $2.00, per week, special.

The Hamilton, I. M. Mabbette; capacity, 20; rates-per day, $2.50, per week, $12.50.

The Howard, J. C. Howard; capacity, 50; rates--per day, $2.00 up, per week, special.

The Islington, Mrs. J. B. Parkinson; capacity, 50; rates --per day, $2.50 up, per week, special.

Ivy Lane Inn, W. W. Folz; rates per day, $3.00 to $4.00, per week, $17.50 up.

Lyndurst, R. W. & J. H. Ball; capacity, 40; rates - per day, $2.50, per week, $11.00 to $15.00.

Magnolia, Mrs. Celeste Hinks, capacity, 40, Rates-per day, $2.00 up; per week, special.

Myrtle, Chas. Kost; capacity, 35; rates-per day, $1.50 up, per week, $10.00.

Oaks, E. M. Sammis; capacity, 80; rates-per day, 42.50 up, per week, special.

Orange Villa, Mrs. Clara Cass; rates-per week $20.00.

Osborne House, Amelia Osborne; capacity, 20; rates - per day, 40 cents up, per week, rooms only.

Palmetto, C. O. Chamberlain; capacity, 100; rates--per day $3.00, per week, special.

Parkinson, Mrs. Montana S. Ludlow; capacity 45; rates--per day, $2.50 to $3.00 per week $12.00 up.

Pines, Mrs. J. B. Hinsky; capacity, 60; rates - per day, $2.00 up, per week, special.

Prince George, Hilyard & Holroyd; capacity, 125; rates -- per day, $3.00, per week, special.

Prospect, P. J. Doyle; rates - per day, $2.00 up, per week, special.

Ridgewood, E. D. Langworthy; capacity, 150; rates - per day, $3.00; per week, special.

Rosedale, E. M. Brown rates per day $3.00; per week, special.

Saratoga Inn, John J. Maguire; capacity, 20; rates per day, $3.00 up, per week, special.

Schmidt's Villa, Henry Schmidt; capacity, 100; rates, per day, $3.00 per week, $15.00 to $18.00.

Stanley House, S. H. Moseley; rates - per day, $1.50, per week $8.00 to $10.00.

Tourist House, S. Bennett; rates - per day, $1.50 up, per week, special.

Troy House, Mrs. Mary Troy; capacity, 50; rates, per day, $2.00 up, per week $7.00 to $10.00

Wayside Inn, W. W. Abercrombie; rates on application.

Western, J. C. Rainsford; rates - per day, $1.50 up, per week, $7.00 to $10.00

Wilmer, W. C. Branch; capacity, 30; rates- per day, $1.50 to $2.00 per week, $8.00 up.
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